You want to make sure that in the event that you have an accident that you are adequately covered by your auto insurance policy but you don't want to pay more than you have to.


Spending a bit of time identifying which policy suits your needs and budget has the ability to save you huge amounts when you extrapolate that over the period of your driving life.


This guide will help you decide what policy will best suit you.



Decide What Amount of Coverage You Require


Start by calculating the amount of coverage you need.  Consider the cost of replacing your vehicle and whether you need to purchase third party cover to cover the other party if you are found to be at fault.  Check your states minimum insurance requirements.



Review Your Current Auto Insurance Policy


Read your current policy and identify how much you are paying per month, how much your excess is, whether you have third party coverage and whether you get new for old replacement or market value car replacement.  You now have enough information to find a better quote.


Seek a Competitive Quote

Have your car make, model and production year handy.  Armed with your information begin getting quotes from online agencies.   Many will give you very accurate figures and contact you via phone or email should you need to discuss the intricacies of the policy.


Gather a List of Quotes

Keep a list of the different companies, their quote prices and their policy specifics.  This will give you the ability to decide which policy best suits your situation.


Make Some Phonecalls

If you have a good driving history absent of previous claims then get on the phone and contact the insurance companies and ask whether they have discounts for your good driving.  You will be surprised how much of a discount you will receive if you are classified as having a "rating 1" driving history.


When you have found a policy that suits you and saves yo some money, do a quick review of online forums to identify if there are any major issues that other policy holders have.  When you are satisfied, sign up for your new policy, cancel your old and decide how you will spend the cash that you have saved.