Auto insurance is obligatory in all states, so if you own a car and you want to drive it, that's the price you have to pay. Usually, the insurance premiums depend on the type of the car, on its manufacturing age, of the country of provenience and of the driver's accident records. Then it matters also what kind of coverage you need. If you want only the legal limits of liability, it's one price, but if you want full coverage, that's another price. Similarly, if you want to be the only one who drives your car you'll pay less than in case you need to get your car insured for multiple drivers. After defining all your priorities and must-have items on your car policy, the insurance company makes you an offer. Different companies may have different prices, as they are not forced by law into having the same price for the coverage offered. Auto insurance conditions and terms are very flexible, that's why everybody who is concerned about spending money wisely should consider prior research and gathering some insurance quotes before making the final decision. So far, you'd be tempted to say that everybody gets the same treatment.

However, we aren't all equal, so some of us pay more than others, For example, getting auto insurance after DUI can be more expensive than it used to be, even if you don't change your car, so all conditions are the same, but you're now considered a high risk customer. And this is the fortunate case in which they don't cancel your car insurance policy for good. Some carriers don't accept customers with DUI or DWI convictions in their records, so they'd rather cancel your agreement than charging you bigger insurance premiums.

If you need specifications on DUI, please find out that it stands for Driving Under Influence and refers to driving after you've been drinking alcohol and you still have it in your blood. This is serious felony and it leads to big fines, driving license suspended and even jail, if the alcohol level is very high. Limits are different from state to state and from country to country. For example, in some European countries drivers are allowed to drink one beer and drive immediately after. In other countries, it's completely prohibited to drink and drive.

You may now ask: if I have my license suspended anyway, why would I need auto insurance, since I can't drive my car anyway?

Our answer: insurance is needed even if another person drives your car. Moreover, try to do a little bit of research and do some reading regarding the SR-22 form, as this can help you see your license back pretty soon, much sooner than you expected. This form is given to you by your auto insurance company, and it will determine the authorities to reinstate your license. Beware when you buy auto insurance, that not all companies offer this form, so if you have the bad habit of drinking and driving, you may want to make sure you get yourself out of trouble.

Apart from that, don't forget that if you land in jail as follow of a DUI or DWI (which refers to driving after taking illegal drugs), you'll now have a criminal record attached to your name. This can prevent you from getting a better job, for example, because a clean driving license is a must for most sales representatives positions in big companies. That's normal in a sense: who'd like to have a high risk driver driving their car for several hours a day, every day?

If you tend to disagree that your car insurance after a DUI is going to cost you more, then maybe you'd want to find out that there's one alcohol-related traffic fatality at every half hour solely in the US. Now expand that at a global level and you'll see the proportions. All states want to diminish car accidents, and making those who fail respecting the law to get more money out of their pockets can be a good and efficient measure.

Back to our topic now: in case you've been arrested for drunk driving, do your best and hire yourself a DUI lawyer to fight your case in the court. Remember that you need to act very fast, because you only have a limited time to ask for a hearing with your Department of Motor Vehicles before you'll automatically lose your license. This time limit can be as short as 10 days when it comes to California. I don't know about other states, but there's probably a lot of information on the internet so you could just do a search and find out more details.

What if you can't afford to pay your car insurance after a DUI anymore because the premiums would become too high for your income? I guess you could call this bad luck. You'll have to work harder, to get yourself a second job or to ask your family and friends to support you for a while, until you recover. They'd probably be upset with you and they'd be right, but you can't change the past, so maybe you'd manage to convince them you're not going to repeat this felony again.

If you try to hide your DUI conviction, you should know that there are very little chances that you'd be able to get away with that, because DUI convictions are usually delivered to the DMW where the jurisdiction of the court is. So you'd better not try to hide it. Just be wise and don't repeat it.

After a DUI, don't just sit there are wait to see how your license is suspended and your auto insurance policy gets canceled. Be cautious and do some investigations in the car insurance industry. You need to know what insurance companies you can count on after a DUI, to be able to compare their prices and the other terms of the contract, then see what choices you have in case your current carrier cancels your policy.