Have you just bought a new automobile and now you have to find some insurance so that you will be able to legally operate your vehicle? Auto insurance discounters can offer you cheaper prices on insurance so that your combined car purchase and insurance bill will not be more than you are able to handle. When people purchase a new automobile they often do not consider how much the insurance is going to be on their new purchase. If you are in too big of a hurry to make your purchase you may not get the best deal when it comes to finding the insurance you need. There are some things that you will need to do to find a good auto discounter to work with you and help you find the lowest deal possible.

The first thing that you will want to do is be aware of any discounts that you are eligible for. Discounts will be different at different companies that you check with, but auto insurance rates can be dramatically affected by the number of discounts that you qualify for and the number that you receive. Some people do not think about getting any discounts and usually end up paying about thirty percent more than they would if they took the time to figure out what discounts they qualified for. I am reluctant to attribute to greed the fact that many times insurers do not tell people about discounts, but I don't know the reasons that they do not, and that does pop to mind.

There are a ton of discounts that you can take advantage of to get a lower insurance rate. One type that insurance discounters will offer you is a discount for having your home and automobile insured with them. This means that if you already have home insurance with a company that offers auto insurance your insurance company will probably give you a discount for insuring both assets with them. This is generally true of other types of insurance you may have through a particular company, like a balloon policy or a policy for jewelry or art for instance

Another discount that you will qualify for if you have more than one car to insure is a multicar discount. If you have two or more cars that you need insurance for then you will find that auto insurance discounters will offer you a discount as an incentive for insuring all of your vehicles with them. Note that many names that you probably know in the auto insurance business, names like State Farm, Farmers, and AAA, will also make discounts for multiple vehicles fairly standard, but auto insurance discounters can really lower your rate here.

You will qualify for discounts depending on what type of equipment is installed in your automobile. Certain vehicles are made with certain types of restraints, air bags, and security systems that will qualify for you for a discount on auto insurance rates. For instance, high end vehicles like Infinity, Acura, and Cadillac come with excellent integrated security systems that auto insurance discounters will definitely give you a good rate discount for.

If you are a student in high school or college you may qualify for a good student discount. Most insurance companies will require that students have a certain grade point average in order to take advantage of this discount, so if you are a student that makes good grades then you will want to take advantage of the savings that you are qualified for. If your marks are not so good then maybe it is better not to bring this up.

If you have been driving for a while and you have not had any traffic violations or accidents then you will find that a lot of companies will offer you a discount for being a safe driver. Companies will reward those who are safer drivers because they know that those people will not need to file as many claims over the life of their policy as those who are a little more reckless.

These are just a few of the common discounts that auto insurance discounters can offer you. There are a ton of others, so be sure to check with the company that you are interested in getting coverage with to see what all you are qualified for. Ask pointedly about getting every discount that your are entitled to.

After you have determined which discounts you qualify for you should make out a list of all of the companies that you may want to get an insurance quote from. A good way to find some good companies to start getting your quotes from is to ask your family and friends which companies they use for their auto insurance. You can also check around at different companies online to see which ones have the best rates. Be sure that you write down all of the companies that you are interested in so that it will be easier to narrow your list down.

When you have listed all of the possible companies you should start calling a few of them and asking for a discount auto insurance quote. Be sure to ask them if they offer the discounts that you have written down that you are qualified for. When you have gone down your list and gotten the quotes you should be able to narrow your list down to about three different companies. It is then time to make a decision on which one you are going to use for your coverage.

When you are making your decision on which auto insurance discounters to use you will want to make a decision based on more than just price. Price should be a factor but you should also be sure that the company you choose has good customer service. This way if you ever have to do something as unfortunate as make a claim on your policy you will know you are getting the best customer service your money can buy. There are a lot of factors to consider when you are looking for the right auto insurance discounter to use for your coverage, but if you are patient and determined you will find the coverage you need for a price you can afford.