You probably already know that you have to purchase auto insurance to be able to legally drive your vehicle where you live. The reality is that you don't have to purchase every type of coverage that your auto insurance company makes available to you, and often times you only have to buy a certain amount of minimal coverage in order to drive you car. What minimal coverage you have to purchase is regulated on the state level, and each state has different requirements they mandate out of their drivers. Most states include auto liability insurance as part of their minimal coverage requirements, and auto liability insurance is thus one of the most popular kinds of auto insurance on the market today.

So what is auto liability insurance exactly? Auto liability insurance is auto insurance coverage that can cover the damages done to other parties' property in case you are ever involved in an accident. Automobile liability insurance does not cover the damages that happen to yourself, or your vehicle if you are ever involved in an accident, and you would have to purchase additional coverage so that you are insured against such damages during most cases. Most auto liability insurance policies are designed to ensure that you don't' have to pay out of pocket for any damages that are done to other people and vehicles during a particular accident, and this is why most states mandate that each of their drivers purchase a policy that includes auto liability coverage.

Auto liability coverage is actually separated into two different kinds of insurance coverage—and these are bodily-injury coverage and coverage for property damage. Bodily-injury coverage is designed to cover the costs of medical care and any lost income of the victims that are involved during an accident. The other type of liability coverage is coverage for property damage, and this kind of coverage is designed to cover the damages to pieces of property that are as a result of an accident. More specifically, property damage coverage is supposed to cover the damages done to all kinds of property after a crash—street signs, buildings, lights, plants, automobiles, etc.

Between bodily-injury coverage and the coverage for property damage, auto liability insurance can easily provide for the kind of damages done to other parties during an accident, and the next issue that arises with an auto liability policy is the level of auto liability coverage you need to purchase so that you are completely covered after an accident. Most states have laws that require you to purchase an absolute minimal amount of liability coverage, and while this level of coverage is significant, it is not often enough to cover all the expenses after a particular accident. To be able to drive legally you must purchase this minimal amount, but you must be aware that it probably won't be enough to cover all of the damages that are a result of any serious accident. This is why many people choose to buy more coverage than the absolute minimum that their state mandates, and by doing this these drivers can typically shield themselves from having to worry about turning to their own pockets after a wreck.

A cheap auto liability insurance policy will not cost you that much per year, and this will depend on the state you live in and the auto insurance company you choose to do business with. The cheapest auto liability insurance policies are the ones that include only the minimal amount of coverage that the state requires, although you can still get a cheap policy if you decide to purchase additional liability coverage, and this will depend on your ability to shop around at different auto insurance companies so that you can ultimately get the best deal. Auto liability insurance is something that can come to your aid when you are in an accident that isn't your fault, so make sure you purchase some level of this type of auto insurance to make sure that you can drive legally and thus be insured if there is ever a crash.

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