Has that old clunker driven it's last mile? Got bad credit? Need an auto loan? Tired of wondering and dreading a trip to the dealership knowing you will only be turned down? I have good news for you, now is the time for you to put away those fears, hold your head up high and most of all buy that car!

With the current economic conditions, the car dealerships are doing their best to stay afloat with many of them offering bottom level pricing and buyer incentives to keep these dealerships open and with most dealerships you can get pre-approved online and stop wasting your time by going from dealership to dealership.

Drive Time is a great place to start looking for a car. They have locations in ten states, you can get pre-approved online in less than two minutes and 95% of all applicants are approved. For most people that are approved, Drive Time requires proof of income (a paycheck stub) and proof of residence (lease or rental agreement or mortgage

Capital Car Loans is also one of the top places that a offers auto financing for people with bad credit. This site uses a car loan calculator to help you find out how much you will be financed for before you even apply for the loan. One thing that makes this company attractive is that it is possible to get an auto loan with no money down. They also offer the ability to refinance a car loan that you may currently have.

Auto Loan Select offers instant online approval even offering auto loans for people with poor credit, and all credit types are encouraged to apply. The only two requirements are that you must be 18 and have an income of at least $1200 to apply.

1 800 Fresh Start offers online applications for getting car loans no matter how good or bad your credit is. Your request can result in multiple offers from their network of dealers and you are under no obligation to accept any of them.

Road Loans offers new or used auto loans from franchised dealers. Loans to refinance your current auto loan and online application and approval processes. They also offer online account access. They specialise for auto loan for people with bad credit.

Easy Auto Loans is another one of the places where people with bad credit can get auto loans. They offer low rates and have no money down programs available as well. Their special finance programs acceptance rate is 100% and there is no obligation in getting a quote. Good credit, bad credit, no credit or bankruptcy, all are encouraged to apply.

There are also many used car dealers that "tote the note", which simply means that if you have a steady job and can afford the payment, they only give your credit history or score a cursory glance at best. A word of warning, some of these auto places are a bit unscrupulous and it is possible that you end up with something a lot worse than the old clunker you may had before.Many of the big name dealerships also offer online applications for financing so that you know if you qualify for a loan before ever leaving your house. Simply choose a location near you, fill out the required information and some one will contact you either via email or phone. No one has a perfect credit score and many of the dealerships have a network of financing companies, banks, and credit unions that they work with on a daily basis to help you get the financing that you need. So no matter what your current credit score is there are lenders available that are willing to help you get back on the road.

Tips to remember - Never be afraid to walk away! If a deal seems to be too good then it usually is. Do not be afraid to state up front and as loud as necessary that you can not afford a car that has high payments. Do not forget, you will also be paying for insurance on the car in question and most places will require that you keep full coverage until the car is paid for in full.Make sure that you completely understand all aspects of the loan you are seeking. Know exactly what the interest rate will be and how much your car payment will be before signing anything.

Take a friend for support. Someone that can read you well enough to know when you feel you are being pressured. Let them know before hand that it's more than okay to interrupt the salesperson to lead you away for a few moments if they sense you are being pressured. Don't give up even if you have poor credit. Auto loans are still possible!Last, yet most important, do your research. Research the auto dealership, research the loan company, research potential automobiles that you would like to purchase, and research your finances.

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