If you find a strong and deep passion for cars, trucks and engines and find that it is your calling to fix, tinker and get your hands dirty, then an auto mechanics school just might be for you. Auto mechanics schools will train you in areas of automotive service and repair, heating, brake systems, air conditioning, engine repair and that entire ordeal. Auto mechanics institutions are also the stepping-stones that will propel and encourage its students not just to maintain and repair but also innovate and invent.

 The multibillion automotive industry is a huge one. There are millions of cars that need tending to. You cannot however properly tend to these cars without proper experience and training. Also employers nowadays, most often than not, require formal training from an auto mechanics school. That’s why auto mechanics schools are highly sought after because they will make ready, able and will students for the world of auto mechanics. Their programs both have class room instruction and hands on training and these usually will take about six months to a year, depending on the time spent of the enrollee every week.

 How to start out

During high school, one should already take advantage of automotive repair and other vocational courses offered and take math and science subjects as these are prerequisites. Even before you enroll yourself in a technical school or community college; it is best if you gather experience by seeking out an apprenticeship first. This will be a good start in making a commitment to being a full time auto mechanic. The high schools, in turn, will give certificates. If this is not available in your high school, you can enroll in a post-secondary vocational school that also gives certificates of completion.

 One should then look for programs that are designed to prepare you for the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification.  There are a minimum number of ASE certifications for mechanics and they will need more of these to level up to a technician. An auto mechanics school can take up 6 months to a year before one can actually practice the profession. One will need these certificates to work as a full time auto mechanic

 Some high schools have adequate programs, but most mechanics are expected to finish an associate degree or certificate program in automotive training that will take about two years. In the duration of these two years, students will also need to complete an apprenticeship at a car manufacturer or local repair shop. There are other requirements aside from the mentioned math and science subjects. One must be able to take automotive emissions, suspension and steering, engine diagnosis, and digital devices in computers. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that five years of experience is usually needed to be a fully qualified mechanic. And an additional 1-2 years to study your specialization is needed, as a brake specialist for example.


 As said above, inquire if your high school has the course, if not go to a postsecondary vocational school or your nearest community college to get your certificates. Inquire and join programs that fit you. You can also check online for a school that offers auto mechanic courses near your area. “Auto Mechanic Schools” online has great links to renowned auto mechanics schools like NASCAR Technical Institute, Universal Technical Institute, Ashworth College, and Stratford Career Institute. One only has to click on the link and see the programs they offer.

 There is a rising demand for auto mechanics, because of the increased production of motor vehicles due to the rising population. Employment is said to rise 14% from 2006-2016. So investing in an auto mechanic school is not a bad idea, because there is an assurance of employment. One will not also have a hard time finding a job because usually the apprenticeship opens a big opportunity for one to be hired by the company involved.

 For the future

 Auto mechanics schools are the bridge to technological advancement and innovations. Without these institutions training the next generation, the industry of car manufacturers and transportation will not survive.  Our crazy dreams of futuristic flying cars will never be materialized. Remember that maintaining and repairing are the first steps to innovation and invention. One has to gain knowledge first before he can explore more possibilities on the matter. Auto mechanic schools assure us of a brighter future. These are the institutions that teach the complexity of simplicity of cars from the wheel to the carriage, from a carriage to the engine, from the engine to the car. An auto mechanics school will be our stepping stone for further development and growth.