Did you know that 25 percent of all vehicles on the road today will require a battery replacement this year? What does this mean to you? This means that one out of every four customers you see every day are in need of a battery today or will need one sometime within the next twelve months.

This presents an additional sales opportunity for you and your shop. However, you must be prepared to capture this opportunity. In this day and age, when a battery fails, it gives very little warning, if any. 

A battery failure will generally leave the average customer stranded. A stranded customer is most likely to seek out the quickest and easiest replacement option.

  • Will that option be you and your shop?
  • Will they call a tow truck and have the vehicle towed to your facility?
  • Will they have the battery jump started and risk driving clear across town or even many miles away to your shop to purchase a battery?
  • If this happens on a Sunday or a holiday, will they wait till the next day to have their battery replaced? 

The most likely answer to each these questions is “No.” The result is…you have missed out on a sale. You have also missed an opportunity to enhance your relationship with this customer because you have let them down. 

That’s right. You failed to keep your customer informed as to the condition of the battery. 

What if you had the ability to determine when the customer’s battery was to fail? Your customers would love you for that! 

By performing a simple battery test each time your customer comes in for service, you could:

  • Give the customer peace of mind by informing them that their battery is in good condition.
  • Save the customer the frustration of being stuck in a remote area at an inopportune time by informing them that their battery needs to be replaced, and that you could do it now, while they are here and while they wait.
  • Allow the customer to prepare for the expense and inconvenience of replacing a battery by showing them that their battery condition is deteriorating and be able to advise them on when the battery should be replaced.

All of these situations earn you the trust of the customer. And in most cases, they will buy the battery from you, either now or when the time comes to replace it. 

By performing a quick and simple battery test, either on the drive with the customer present, or by a technician in the shop during every service visit, you will increase your battery sales dramatically and, at the same time, enhance your customer satisfaction and your credibility.