Before I start and get into the finance piece of the article, I will pose a simple question. What is easier or simpler than doing nothing? I'm sure your response will be very similar to mine and all the other people that have read this article. There is nothing easier or simpler than doing nothing. Now, you may be thinking how can I do nothing and make money or prepare for retirement. The answer is pretty simple, actually, but the truth is there is one step. Don't worry. It is as easy as doing nothing.

The secret financial tip and the only step is this: Automate your finances.

It seems pretty simple, but it is even easier than it seems. So lets get started on how to automate your finances so you can sit back and not worry. 

You may be one of the people that don't like to pay bills, balance a checkbook, or do anything related to personal finance. If you are, don't worry. I tend to enjoy tracking my money and making it work for me, but I understand not everyone is like this, so I'll pass along some valuable finance tips. After all, who would want to turn down doing nothing to make money and preparing for retirement? Not me.

Tip 1: Automate your finances

This really means make use of your bank whether it is online or a brick and mortar building. Talk to your bank or financial institution about automatic fund transfers and start setting them up. You can automate so much with a few minutes of work so I recommend automating everything you can. This includes utility bills, rent payments, investment account deposits, stock purchases, and so much more. Automating finances eliminates thinking about so many tasks and saves you time. I recommend setting up your automatic fund transfers for the day after you get paid, if possible. This eliminates the amount of time you have to spend your money before it is transferred to the account it should be in.

Tip 2: Start Now

As with many aspects of the finance world, the earlier you start, the better off you will be. Not only will you be able to save more money, but you will also save more time if you start now. If you are investing, you definitely want to make more money by starting sooner rather than later. With retirement accounts and savings accounts, you should start when you are young, but don't be discouraged if you are older. You can still start now and save much more than if you did not start at all.

Tip 3: Do Nothing

This is one of the easiest things to do because you just have to let everything sit and stay on autopilot. Doing "something" may cause you to want to change things and mess up your plan. You don't want to spend the time you saved by automating your finances hovering over your accounts and investments.  With that said, don't go forever and not check on the status.  You should check back every now and then to make sure everything is working smoothly and that automatic deposits have not expired, but don't over do it. Just make sure you check back sometimes, but it can be as little as once a year on your birthday or an anniversary.

So there you go, automate your finances to save both time and money. This is such a simple task to do but not many people do it. Everyone should take advantage of technology and the services your bank provides. Basically, set it and forget it is the way to go to reduce some hassle in your life of finance.