Often time's companies will send out mass mails to their customers. The problems with these mass mailings are that they are not unique. These mass mailing of cards and letters tend to be very generic and everyone receives the same computer printed mailing.

Ideally a company would handcraft a direct mail piece for a customer and then write it by hand. This would truly leave an impression in many customers' eyes when they receive a hand written letter or card from your company. The problem is it is hard for a large company to hand address and custom write by hand thousands and thousands of letters. Now there is a solution that can help companies both large and small. Think Ink Marketing comes to the rescue to fill this huge gap in customer service that has been missing from many companies.

What is Think Ink Marketing?

Think Ink Marketing, according to their website is a company that can help you to "Increase Your Profits with Proven, Hand Addressed Mail Strategies. Think Ink Marketing provides personalized hand addressed mail solutions that are guaranteed to get your mail opened and read."

What Can Think Ink Marketing Do For Your Business?

They can help you increase your business as well as increasing your customer loyalty percentage. You need to remember the old saying that it is cheaper to keep a current customer then to get a new customer.

Think Ink Marketing Can:

  • Create Hand Written Envelopes Specifically targeted towards your customer.
  • Place a real stamp on the envelope and not a mass mailing stampage that is common with most companies.
  • Add a custom Post-It Note to any mailing or letter you want with a custom saying on it targeted towards your customer. If you send out 5,000 mailings with a custom hand written envelope along with a personalized Post-it Note to each of your customers then you will have 4,998 customers that think you really care for them as you took the time to personally send them the information. This is a great way to increase you customer base as well as getting your current customers to continue purchasing products from your company.

If you want to mail out 10,000 brochures and have a personalized Post-it Note for each one then you can easily do it with Think Ink Marketing.

Think Ink Marketing

Think Ink Marketing offers many other services that blend in with each other as part of their core business. If you think that they might be able to help your business out I encourage you to visit their website.

Where Do I Begin With Think Ink Marketing?

If you think they can help you but are not sure which product or products you should use then contact Think Ink Marketing. They offer strategic planning to customers to help design a marketing and mailing program that will work more efficiently then any other mailings you have done in the past.

Think Ink Marketing will work for a wide range of companies regardless of their product or customer base. Think Ink Marketing is one awesome company with an amazing track record of helping companies to truly increase their profits.