Automatic cat litter boxes are more advanced than all human toilets I've ever seen in my life. I'm not talking here about those scoop free litter boxes that need only to slide a handle in order to remove the waste. I'm thinking of an automatic litter box I've seen at a cat show earlier this spring, which was more like a mini flush toilet rather than an ordinary litter box. There are many models of toilets for cats, starting with the SF-looking Litter Robot that I very much doubt my cat would ever visit happily, up to those open-top models like Littermaid Elite, which looks like a regular tray, but features a sort of comb that moves through the litter and separates the waste from the rest of the material. The comb is operated by an electric motor, which is put in motion by a sensor. The sensor detects when the cat has visited the place, a few minutes after the cat leaves, it starts the mechanism which cleans the tray, preparing it for the next visit of the kitty. One of the most interesting automatic litter boxes is Cat Genie, which looks like a human toilet, only smaller. It flushes and it scraps the waste, leaving the toilet clean for the next use.

The main benefit of such automatic cat litter boxes is that you can leave your cat alone at home for as long as one week or even ten days, without asking your friends or family to go and scoop the waste of your dear kitty. Another benefit is that you don't have to carry all those heavy litter bags anymore, plus you'd also save a lot of money, as good cat litter is not at all cheap. The only consumable thing is the automatic cat litter boxes is a sort of filter, which is not so expensive and which can last for several weeks or even months.

What I see as being the main drawbacks of electric toilets for kitties are the fact that they need to be plugged in to the electric power supply and to the water supply, which can be a risk when you're not at home for a longer period of time. Additionally, this means you'd need to install the cat toilet in the bathroom or to have a very long and ugly hose to get it connected to the water source.

The price can also be a drawback: I'm not so sure I'd pay $700 on a device I don't know whether my cat is going to accept using or not.