CAutomatic Dry Cat Food FeederCredit: Amazon.comats love to play, and even a fat old cat can learn to play again by using an automatic dry cat food feeder, but this one has a “catch” they have to run, play and do a bit of work for their food!

If you are away all day, then your cat will find his or her own entertainment.  Whether it is climbing your curtains and clawing your couch (if they are younger) or simply laying in the same spot you left them in when you left this morning (if they are older).

But one way to get them using some pent up energy (in the younger kitties) and get them off the couch (for the older cats) is to get them to play.  They can play as much as they want, it curbs their natural instinct to hunt, and gives them something to do, while working at getting their food.

With this particular product, you simply fill the ball with the specified amount of dry cat food, and then you put it on the floor in an area the cat can play.  As it rolls around on the floor it will let out one piece of food at a time. 

Your cat will play and roll the ball around and when it gets a piece of kibble it will stop and eat it and then carry on.

If you have indoor cats, this is a perfect way to entertain them and feed them.  If you have more than one cat, they are likely to have fun with this.  It is big enough to not get trapped in too many places, and yet small enough to roll around the floor as you can see in the picture.Automatic Dry Cat Food Feeder(98663)Credit:

It is made from FDA approved plastic and can easily be put in the dishwasher and ready again for more fun.  This will help your kitty lose some fat and work on those muscles for a happier and healthier and longer life.

PetSafe SlimCat Food Distributor Ball, Blue

If you have an older cat, don’t think that he won’t show some interest in this toy, especially if this is how he has to get his food.  It is like outdoor hunting and he is rewarded with a bit of food each time.

Getting your cat to play more and move more is good for their health.  Dogs can be walked by their humans, but you don’t see too many cats out walking with their owners, and living outside can be a very dangerous place for your furry friend.

There are other toys on the market that are good for your cat, but if your cat just stares at his toys, then showing him that his food is in this toy is a great motivator to get him up and moving and playing again.

If your veterinarian has prescribed more exercise for your cat, then playing with him is a great way, but if you can’t be home all the time, then this is a great toy to leave while at work.  Cats graze all day anyways with their food, so why not combine the two?  Using an automatic dry cat food feeder ball is one great way and will help to curb the destruction of the pent up energetic cat!

Cat Food Ball

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