Automatic Drywall Taping Tool

What Are Automatic Drywall Taping Tools:

Just as they say 95% of painting is proper preparation, the same could be said about the time that should be invested in a drywall taping job.  Automatic drywall taping tools are a great way to make the very long and difficult process of taping the joints of newly installed drywall much easier.  Although most contractors still prefer the old fashioned method of applying tape and joint compound by hand, there are a number of drywall installers experimenting with the device.  

In fact, the device does not apply drywall tape and mud any differently than if you were to do it by hand, and the seams are guaranteed to be consistent if nothing else.  Manufacturers claim that using an automatic drywall taping tool will increase your speed 3 times over applications by hand.  That means 3 times as many jobs can be done in a week, or 1 person could do the work of three with the simple investment in a automatic drywall taping tool.  However, with the expense of most quality drywall taping tools exceeding $1000 dollars, and the preparation and cleanup required, not every drywall contractor is sold on the idea just yet.

Benefits Of Automatic Taping Tools:

There are a number of benefits to justify the expense of an automatic drywall taping tool.  If you are a professional drywall contractor, or if you are a do-it-yourself-er who has an entire home to Sheetrock, investing in the right drywall taper might be worth looking into, if it is guaranteed to save you time and money.  The benefits of automatic drywall taping tools include:

Saved Time - A professional drywall contractor can expect to be able to go through around 5 rolls of drywall tape per day when applying by hand.  That same contractor can expect to go through 15 rolls with an automatic drywall taping tool covering over 3 times the square footage.

Saved Money - Less labor, and less wasted materials means that you save money on your job.  More importantly, with the consistency of a machine doing the drywall taping job, you can more accurately bid your jobs putting more profit in your pocket.

Less Skill - Drywall taping is somewhat of an art that takes skill and practice to master.  Automatic drywall taping tools take a lot of the guess work out of drywall mudding and more importantly give your jobs a consistency they have never had.

How A Drywall Taper Works:

The method in which an automatic drywall taping tool tapes and applies joint compound to your walls is quite simple.  The drywall tape is placed on a spool which is fed into the head of the unit similar to a packing tape gun.  You fill the drywall taper with joint compound with an easy to use pumping system that is included with your automatic taper.  Once your device is filled simply press firmly against the wall and roll along the seams as the tape and mud are perfectly distributed and troweled along the wall.