Today there are a lot of houses which have a design that is not taking any of the traditions into notice. There are windows that can not be covered with curtains because of their location, and the use of window blinds is getting difficult because the window is up high on the ceiling, or on a wall where it can not be reached. For ecological reasons alone it would be important from time to time to keep these windows covered to block out the sun and cut back on the air conditioning costs, and for these situations there is a solution. Automatic window blinds - also know as motorized window binds - are something that many companies are offering as solutions for these out of reach windows. But they do serve multiple purposes and can be used on windows that can easily be reached also.

One of the most common places that you see these motorized shades is the window walled offices of hot shot executives in movies. They close the shades with one touch to the button of the remote and you have to admit that it makes quite an impression to anyone. If you want to give a great impression to your friends and guests you could get automatic window blinds in your living room windows and ask your friends to come over and watch a movie. When you push play, also push the remote button to close the window blinds and everyone is going to get impressed by your new home theatre like living room.

Using automatic window blinds in your bedroom is great alternative also. This way if you use your bedroom during the day for 'bedroom activities' you can easily close the shades without leaving the bed. This is a great addition to your privacy. Also when you are coming from the shower and see that the window blinds are open, you won't have to go in front of the window to get them closed before you can start putting on clothes, but instead you can just close them with the remote and start getting dressed. In the morning it would be great to be able to see outside and have the sun shine in and warm the room the first thing you wake up. Well using blinds like these you can open them without leaving the bed, and you can enjoy the sunshine while still in bed between the sheets.