Credit: Google Images

     Having watched numerous shows about survival; I'm often surpised at the things that people don't have readily available in their cars.  Just a few items can make the difference between life or death, yet so often as we are jumping into the car off to the next adventure we don't think about these things.  The easiest way to ensure that you are always prepared is to keep a self made survival kit in your vehicle.  These items can be safely stored in your vehicle for future use.

Blankets-Keep at least two blankets in your kit.  This is especially important if you are caught out in a winter storm and stranded.  These blankets can help keep you warm if your car can no longer run.  Blankets can also double for picnics on those special Summer days.

Electric Socks-These battery operated socks are made to keep your feet warm in cold weather.  Some pairs will heat your feet for up to 12 hours.  Keep them inside of a water resistant bag.  Some of the frost bite that people have endured trying to survive extreme cold could have been eradicated with the use of these socks.

Water-I cannot stress enough the importance of having water in your vehicle for emergency purposes.  You can live for about a month without food but only 2 to 4 days without water.  You must keep your body hydrated if you want to survive.  Note:  Pick up a few iodine tablets to put in your kit.  This can purify water making it potable.

Canned Food-Vienna Sausages, potted meat, fruit cups and don't forget a couple of small easy lift top canned vegetables.  This food will help to keep your strong and alert while waiting for help.  Eat the food in moderation just in case it takes longer than expected to be rescued.  You may also want to consider MRE's (Meals Ready to Eat), they can be purchased at any military surplus store or online.

Satellite Phone-Many times when people are lost in isolated areas the first thing they realize is that their cell phones have no signal.  The answer to this is to rent a Satellite Phone.  They can be rented by the week for your vacation needs.  This is not an item that you can keep in your keep in your survival kit, but its definitely an item to take along with you.

Firestarter Kit-This small kit looks almost like a regular lighter.  It is easily stored and can be used in an emergency to light a fire and keep you and yours warm.  These little gems are durable and made for use in any weather.

Self Contained Flares-These well packaged flares are self contained bright and waterproof.  Some can send a signal as high as 450 feet.  This can help ensure you are sited by overhead planes or helicopters searching for you.

As we make our way to our vacation spots its easy to forget about the hidden dangers.  We are constanly surrounding with circumstances beyond our control.  Our automobile survival kit can allow us to have a happy ending to our survival story.  So remember when you're packing your suitcases; safety first!