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Automotive machine shop auctions are a great place to get cheap parts and cheap bikes that are in great condition. Taking advantage of these can lead to deals that you will never regret.


A lot of people are interested in automotive machine shop auctions because of the deals that one might get. Although, we should always remember that items sold in auctions are not generally the cheapest or cheaper than most but it does have potential to sell very cheap items especially if nobody is bidding against you. Keep an eye on these auctions, they are a money saver.

What Are Sold In Automotive Machine Shop Auctions?

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The products or models sold in this type of auction can be very diverse. It can be an obsolete model that they are trying to sell, a used motorbike that nobody uses anymore or simply a new bike that they have just assembled but nobody is buying. Some auctions even sell manuals or how-to’s that are generally not wanted anymore but can benefit others. Some auctions display parts that are still usable and also machines that are used in the automotive shops.

What Is The Advantage Of Participating In Automotive Machine Shop Auctions?

What you can generally get are great deals that start out with the cheapest bids. Some people take advantage of this by not buying anything new or anything that have been used that are not in auctions because they know the possibility of getting the cheapest deals in auctions. You also can get items or products that are not sold shops near you since some are bought in different places.

Another advantage that auctions present is that you can meet new people there that are have the same business as yours or people that are into what you are into. Since that auction is for a specific type of shop then the people who will be participating will either be businessmen, lay people or machine shop owners that are looking to get a cheap addition to their shops.

Where Can You Participate?

Locally, you can find them regularly on automotive machine shops because there are times where they try to sell stuff in auction that are considered as old models that is difficult to sell. The advantage of this is that you can see the product, inspects its parts, check its quality and test it condition. An advantage you can’t do through online auctions.

A different way to participate is to bid for them online in auto machine shop auctions online. There are many sites that caters to such events that they offer products online with all the details and people will bid on them. The disadvantage about that is there is a possibility that you will get tricked and you will not get the type of quality they said it has.

Tips for Auction Participants

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Bidding in auctions may not be as simple as you think. You see, you are competing with people for the ownership of the items while keeping in mind that you have a tight budget to follow. That is the reason why these tips will definitely come in handy especially in auctions that are not online.

Bid Fast and Smart In Order To Look Confident

It can’t be avoided that there are people who are locked in with one item to buy an auction and it just so happens that it is also one of the things that you want to get. The trick here is to let that bidder think that you got loads of cash and that you are willing to go beyond the reasonable price. This technique is actually proven and effective. Here is how to do this:

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When the item is now displayed as the item to bid for, quickly bid a reasonable and solid amount. Of course, the person who is interested in that will try to outbid you; immediately after he bids, counterbid with a bid not really large but a little higher than his. How quick your counterbid shows you are not afraid of spending money and shows that you are determined in buying that. If you keep this up (you also must learn how to stop if the price is absurdly high), you will almost always triumph over the other bidder.

Research before Bidding

Know the item first before bidding in auto machine shop auctions. Most people get carried away by the description the auction speaker gives on the product. Keep in mind that the description is always biased since it always focuses only on the good side of the product (imagine going into an auction where the speaker focuses on the negatives of the product). This is the reason why you should always know first the real price of that item in order to know if you’re overbidding or not.

Learn To Let Go

It’s not the last thing in the world so learn to let go. Learn to control yourself even if you wanted that item so much. You see, you might get carried away because the other bidder is outbidding your bids. If you do get carried away, not only will you lose in the fight of controlling yourself, you also lose because you bought that item way more expensive than it ought to be.

Set A Limit And Abide With It

Learn to have limitations especially in auctions. Auctions have a huge appeal on many people because it is actually quite fun considering you get to enjoy a financial competition with other bidders. But always remember, your precious money is at stake here and it is something that you shouldn’t toy with if you don’t want to get into any trouble. Set a limit before the auctions starts and remember your financial status when you participate in auto machine shop auctions.


Automotive machine shop auctions let you save a lot of money if you know how to bid right and bid smart. The key here is to learn to outwit the other bidders by taking the necessary steps to prepare yourself in auto machine shop auctions. If you have followed this guide properly then you should fare well in automotive machine shop auctions.