I live in a nice little neighborhood with lots of green spaces and many houses have big back yards. During the autumn we have the most amazing color changes as nature prepares for winter. With the coming of fall comes lots of dead leaves to rake and dead branches falling from the trees. Some folks in our area don't do anything with their yards during autumn and just let nature take its course. I believe that autumn lawn care is important and here are my reasons why.

Reduce the Amount of Insects and Bugs

Autumn Lawn CareCredit: photo credit: uncleboatshoes via photo pin ccWhen you have a pile of dried leaves in your yard, it is very attractive for certain types of insects.  Decomposing leaves are home to some ant species, worms, and other kinds of pests that thrive on the moist environment of decomposing leaves. In addition, you need to inspect the condition of your trees and see if there are indications of certain types of bugs that are nesting and waiting for the time to reproduce.  You do not want your yard to be infested with bugs and damage not only your garden and lawn but your house as well.

No Sanctuary For Snakes

If you are living near forests, mountains, or hills, there is always a possibility that reptiles will invade your area, especially if you do not maintain your yard very well.  We've all heard the stories of finding snakes in fallen tree branches, in stockpiled dried leaves, and other unattended yard garbage. 

Keep Things Beautiful

Fall Lawn Care(110974)Credit: photo credit: wickenden via photo pin ccIn my opinion, an unkempt garden and yard is an eyesore.  It usually speaks of the character of the people who house in the house.  I like my neighborhood and respect my neighbors right to have a pleasant place to live. Keeping my little part of the world clean and tidy is my way of being a good citizen.

What if I don't have the time?

If you are too lazy or don't have the time to clean your yard, there are lots of yard maintenance service companies who can do this for you.  Of course it will cost you some money but if you hate doing yard work, it's money well spent.

Final Note

Remember, that you are not only the ones who are susceptible to allergies, diseases, and accidents if you will not maintain your yard, your neighbors and other people are exposed to potential hazards your unkempt yard brings.

Autumn Lawn Care Tips