The Autumn season brings with it different kinds of feelings to different people. Some people like me enjoy this time of the year more than other times and even wait for it. Others do not really like it because they prefer the outgoing feeling of the Summer.
But what does Autumn bring with it that makes some people like it and some do not?

There is so much to enjoy in this season, let's look at the colors around us. Autumn colors are usually browns and tans, Gold, burnt orange, reds, greens, cream and olive color. The effect of these colors on us is serene and peaceful, combined with the dried leaves falling from the trees. It makes one look at the sky and feels the nature in his heart and reflects on the changes around.

There are many things that can be done to enjoy this season, like going walking or inviting friends and family for a walk in the nearby park or a picnic to enjoy the company of the loved ones after all the excitement of the summer.

It is also a perfect time to travel, especially to the country side and the areas that are famous for having a lot of trees and parks, or for riding horses in such a good weather.

Not only riding horses will be enjoyable, but all types of exercise will be more enjoyable in this time of the year than in summer or winter, with the chance to start a new type of games or exercises such as tennis, swimming, golf, and so on, whatever you were thinking of doing one day, Autumn can encourage you to start now.

We can also enjoy it indoors by start to bake after the heat of the summer, by inviting people to our house and to decorate it with Autumn colors, as an example we can have Autumn colors candles and collect some dried leaves in some pots and distributing it around the house.

And how about the feeling of heavy clothes again, may be some people do not like it or appreciate it, but for me it is a nice feeling that makes me warm and secure.

One point to mention that happens to many people at the beginning of this season is that you feel life is slowing down even a bit, and in our hectic life this is a bless.

So, whatever you can do to enjoy Autumn, just go ahead and enjoy it while it is here.