In order for single mothers to be able to obtain better economic circumstances for themselves as well as for their children there is grant money available to help them. Single mothers comprise 84% of the 13.6 million single parents who have 21.2 million children amongst them. Single mothers face social and economical hardships--almost 27.7% of below the poverty line with their kids. Fortunetly, there is available grant money for single mothers to help out.

Children are often faced with many disadvantages and risks when brought up in a single parent home. Males who commit violent crimes often grew up without a father. Children who live in single parent homes often have: lower than average grades, many school absences, a much higher dropout rate--they are also far more susceptible to the lures of crime, alcohol and drugs when compared to children who grow up in a two parent house.

Single parents and single mothers, must attempt to not only nurture and far for their children but also be the breadwinner and provide for them as well.

For the single mom who wants to create a new life and conquer their disadvantages by making use of grants for single parents that are available to them.

These grants are important because quite often these women were unable to seek an advanced education as they often gave birth to their children at a young age. College grants are provided by state and federal governments to aid these women in obtaining the tools, at school, to find a better job and a better economic situation. There are also a host of other grants and financial awards that can aid them. Some women had children while they were working on their degree and had to drop out and did not complete their degree. These women can also find aid with these grants so that they may return to college. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid, more commonly known as the FAFSA, must be filled out by all students seeking aid and it will determine what aid (grants and scholarships) is available--including aid for students in special circumstances like single mothers. In order to be considered for all grant categories, a single mother must complete the FAFSA.

These women can also buy a house at a low interest rate and in a better neighborhood by applying for and using housing grants that the state and federal government offer to people in their situation -- there is always government help for single mothers.

To further aid them in completing their academic goals, there are also funds that can be used to help single mothers with school, childcare, and other sundry expenses that might crop up.

Private businesses and the government provide grants, scholarships and funds to aid single mothers who want to start a small business (there are however guidelines that must be followed as well as qualifications that need to be met).

Single mothers are provided with many options that can aid them in conquering their adverse circumstances so that they can create and provide and stable and safe home for their kids. So if you are a struggling single mother, make sure to take advantage of the available grant money for single mothers that the government offers.