Though it does not technically fall under the mini fridge category, a great Avanti compact refrigerator would be the Avanti FFBM920W. It has enough storage space to store most things. The build and design is excellent, sporting premium glass shelving. It also comes with an energy star rating which greatly reduces the energy consumption by up to 25%. Take that and mesh it up into an affordable fridge, you get a great compact refrigerator.

This fridge stands at 60 inches tall. It is 23.75 inches wide and 27 inches deep. The whole thing weights a total of 142 lbs, that's almost the weight of an average adult male. It has 9.2 cubic feet of storage. 6.8 cubic feet is for the fresh food section and 2.4 for the freezing compartment. It certainly is larger than your beverage or small wine refrigerators but will serve multiple purposes.

The fact that it is a small fridge means that it consumes less power than most fridges do. The energy star rating also means that it consumes 25% less power than fridges similar to it. You can expect to consume a total of 520 kWh a year. This can greatly help save you on your annual power bill.

The fridge is built with removable glass shelves. They are built well and each piece fits in properly and locks into place with no issue. The shelves are adjustable and removable, allowing for more space when and if required. It comes in two colors, black and white. Coated in a nice glossy coat, it surely won't serve as an eyesore when placed in the lounge or dining area.

So whatever the reason you are looking into purchasing an Avanti compact refrigerator. Take some time to consider the Avanti FFBM920W. It is small enough to fit anywhere but large enough to support a lot of groceries. It has that premium feel given by the glass shelving making it look classier than most plastic shelves. The energy star rating makes it stand out amongst its peers and also will help you save on your power bill in the long run.