Average employee

HI - my name is Barrington Lewis.  I am an average guy with an average 401k.  I work hard everyday with the hopes of having enough money at the end of my working years.  I hope that this money will  endure all of my expenses during my "golden" years.  They say that I'll probably be about 70 when it will be decided this is the "golden" or best opportunity for me to retire.  Meanwhile, I should get about $200/month from Social Security (which is the equivalent of $50 today) - and the rest is up to me.

The average person in America with an average 401K doesn't have enough to retire (approximately 60+%) and plans to keep working during retirement or until they die.  So therefore, some of us must have an average financial advisor, or we have listened to one, who, given the statistics, provides average financial advice for a premium price.  I don't think any average American citizen would dispute this claim.  Nevertheless, even if you can't afford a financial advisor, perhaps you'd be just as average in retirement as the people who can afford one.  

I do not want to be average.  Being average doesn't work for me and severely diminishes the comfortability index for my destined retirement.  Being average means that you will be using your life on this Earth building or living in someone else's American dream...and not that of your own.  I cannot follow the same beaten path that most have followed because it appears the path less traveled is the one to success.  So how can we change the status quo and be extraordinary?  What obstacles lie in our way preventing us from being all that we can be, like the reserves (JayZ)?

The only obstacle is the one looking back at us in the mirror.  

So, go get it.  Whatever it is that you want.  Go get it...go ahead and start a business (not sure why I'm paraphrasing rappers right now lol - T.I.).  Or if you don't want to start a business, write a book and put it up for sale on Amazon, or design a database with Microsoft Access and go to other businesses and sell it to them.  The possibilities are endless.  The opportunities are plentiful.  No Excuses....unless you love being average.