How Much is Invisalign on Average?

The average cost of Invisalign often gets quoted at around the "$5000" mark (this is the price that Invisalign detailed back in 2010) and comes within the estimated range of between "$3500 to $8000".

Today in 2014, the price isn't actually too different. Realself have collected hundreds and hundreds of Invisalign reviews from all over the country and they quote the Invisalign cost as an average "$4825" price.

How Much Does Invisalign Cost?Credit: Wikimedia Commons | Author: Smikey IoWhat has happened though in that time is that although the price has stayed relatively the same (disregarding inflation etc.) the Invisalign product has vastly improved since then due to the intense research and development that has been (and continues to be placed) into their invisible aligner. 

Credit: Wikimedia Commons | Author: Smikey Lo (CC 3.0)

However, there are of course numerous factors that will impact the price of Invisalign and it is really a case-by-case basis on how expensive Invisalign can get, the above is of course purely to serve as Invisalign cost estimates -- the only one who can truly tell you how much it is going to be (relatively) accurately is the dentist Invisalign provider. 

Geographical Location

For instance the average cost of Invisalign paid in South Hadley was $6950 (the most expensive of the states) whereas in Memphis they can offer Invisalign pretty cheaply at around the $3500 price range. That is almost double. Obviously, all things aren't equal, but still the difference between the average cost in the cheapest state and most expensive state is about 100%.

Another location study is quoted by Thompson Orthodontics who quotes a case with patient who has an overbite who ended up paying "$5,580" in Ohio whereas it would have only been "$4,700" in Utah (and possibly even less if Invisalign express was used at "$4300"). 

Countries differ too. For instance the average cost of Invisalign in the UK is around £2750 ($4650) compared to Australia that is at 6000 Australian Dollars ($5500).

In this regard it is mainly to do with competition and the number of suppliers in your area -- the more dental practices that are classed as Invisalign providers, the more likely you will get your treatment slightly cheaper (a simple case of Economics 101, demand and supply).

The Complexity of the Case

Of course what actually needs to be done to straighten your teeth will have a huge impact on the Invisalign cost too (see Invisalign before and after pictures). Whether you have a gap, over bite, cross bite etc. or several factors, the more complicated it is -- all the more time it will take to correct and hence with that an increase in price. 

As potentially more check ups will be needed, meaning more labor costs for the Orthodontist (who are likely to charge roughly $100 per hour ). Also, as with any procedure things might quite not go to plan either, your teeth might not move as fast, refinements and alterations may be needed -- all of which that can potentially lengthen the treatment process further and this all adds to the cost (the average time though is around the 12 month period).

The opposite is also true though, if you only need very minor work done to your teeth to straighten them out, you may be eligible for Invisalign express. This is basically a 5 or 10 tray aligner that costs much less than Invisalign full (which is what we have been talking about so far) and takes only 3 to 6 months. The express version often gets quoted at around half the price, so the average cost of Invisalign express would be at around $2500 mark (again depending whether you get Express 5 or Express 10). Less time is needed, less material.

Payment Plan & Financing

Of course how you choose to finance Invisalign will have an impact on the total cost of the Invisalign treatment as well. 

For instance you may have or may not have dental insurance. If you do, they are usually willing to pay around 25% of the cost, given that they see Invisalign as cosmetic rather than an actual treatment (i.e braces) in many cases (but insurance companies are different).

You might want to pay it all off at once (which usually comes with a 10% discount) or place a 'per month' cost payment plan in place (potentially with a down payment). Whereby you are left with a cost of $3750 for instance and then usually your dental practice will be able to offer you a flexible paying quote at a 0% interest rate, usually over a two year period so you end up paying $156 per month (which is actually the average cost per month of Invisalign with insurance).

Orthondist or Dentist Experience

Although we mentioned above the median hourly wage of an Orthondotist, no two are the same. You are going to get doctors etc. who are more proficient and experienced with Invisalign treatment than another and with that they come at a higher rate of cost per hour. Which makes sense really. 

So before going straight into the treatment, just ask what experience the dentist has with Invisalign and you will be able to tell from the off whether they are a junior (& you're paying over the odds) or a pro with 10 years experience (& they are charging a decent price in comparison to others).

Invisalign Coupons, Deals and Specials

Believe it or not, but you can actually find special offers on Invisalign treatment that has the potential to knock down your price significantly. Just do a quick search or go to Groupon and you are bound to find lots of offers there as well. 

The reason being dental practices are so flexible in their price is that although the fixed material cost of the aligners is roughly an average of $1500 -- all the additional costs after that are on them (i.e the mark up, the labor costs etc.). You might be able to negotiate a free teeth whitening session that's potentially worth a few hundred dollars on its own.