Average Engagement Ring Diamond Size:

Diamond Carat Size

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If you're considering getting a certain special piece of jewelry for a certain special someone, you want to make sure it's the perfect ring for them in every way. One part of that is figuring out the average engagement ring diamond size. You want to be careful to make sure you find out the average engagement ring carat size, so that your ring is exactly what they expect! 

This article is intended to give you a heads up about diamond carat size, as well as the average engagement ring diamond size, and give you a few tips on how to make sure everything goes right. Don't consider this article a hard and fast rulebook as to how you design your ring, just use it as a general guideline. 

Let's get started, and learn how to find the average engagement ring diamond size!

Average Engagement Ring Diamond Size:

How Diamonds Are Sized

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Before you get started picking out the size of diamond you want, you should determine exactly how diamonds are sized. You've probably heard the term 'carat' thrown around before. This is a method for sizing the diamonds, and it actually refers to the weight of the stone. Since all diamonds have identical weight properties, carat is the ideal way to measure them. The average engagement ring diamond size should actually be the average weight! A carat is exactly 0.2 grams, and it has no relation to the karat unit of measurement used for gold. 

Diamonds of greater than 1 carat are extremely rare. Only one in one million diamonds mined are greater than 1 carat in size. Interestingly enough, though the physical mass of the stone increases by 2, doubling the carat weight doesn't actually double the diameter. This is mostly due to the style of cut, but this is true for most styles of engagement rings. 

Average Engagement Ring Diamond Size:

Other Considerations

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There are other factors that can affect the average engagement ring diamond size that you should consider before making your choice. These considerations are the clarity and color of the rock itself, and the country of origin of the stone. 

Quality and Color:

Did you know there are multiple classes of quality for a diamond? Diamonds have a range of quality, which can really affect the price. Quality is determined by analyzing the number of visible flaws, or inclusions, which can drastically affect the cost associated. A larger stone can be had at a lower than usual price if the clarity of the stone is lower. This affects the average engagement ring diamond size: you can actually get a larger stone than average if you go for a lower quality stone. 

The color of a stone can affect the price as well. Sometimes stones have a natural color tone to them. A distinctly yellow toned stone, for example, might command a lower price than a brilliant white stone with identical quality and cut just because it's a little bit out of the ordinary. The average engagement ring diamond size is likely influenced by this factor as well. 

Country of Origin

The country of origin is another consideration you should take into account before purchasing a stone of any size. You can sometimes purchase a larger stone, but it might have a dubious background. Nowadays most stones are laser etched with the country where it was produced and a serial number. Make sure to check out where your stone is from; make sure it has an environmentally and socially responsible background, this kind of thing trancends monetary value. 

Average Engagement Ring Diamond Size:

The Most Popular Sizes:

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The average engagement ring diamond size depends largely on your budget, but there is a certain size that seems to be most common. This has to do with the factors listed above, but it mostly has to do with price limitations.

The average price of an engagement ring sold in jewelry stores is between $3,500 and $4,500. For this range, it's pretty straightforward to determine the average size. Since a little over half of that goes towards the craftsmanship and the raw gold used, you're left with around $1,500 to $2,000 for the diamond itself. A diamond with a carat weight of between 0.6 and 0.7 with slight inclusions could be found for that price range. Use that as a starting point, but as mentioned before, going with a lower quality or slightly colored stone means you can afford a larger rock.

Also, remember that the price of gold is increasing every day, and diamonds are on the rise as well. What this does to the average engagement rind diamond size is hard to say. This article may not be relevant in six months! 

Good Luck!