Boost Driving Skills for Cheaper Insurance

As a licensed driver, you’re free to hit the road and go exploring wherever your fancy takes you. With a sound vehicle and a tank full of petrol, there’s nothing holding you back...unless you’re feeling a bit less than confident about your motoring ability. If that’s how you feel, you’re not alone: average learner drivers tend to have only the bare minimum of driving skills under their belt before anxiously bursting forth upon the highways of the UK. Some of these people think that, since they passed their exams and are qualified to drive, they shouldn’t feel the sense of apprehension they do, and so, say nothing of it.

If you do feel a little hesitant about taking to the road, there’s no need for embarrassment. Plenty of new drivers recognize they could benefit from additional instruction before soloing out for a long run in traffic.

Get a Booster Shot

Luckily, there are options available for average learner drivers looking to polish their newfound motoring skills. Special courses offered by various companies provide opportunities for average drivers to rev up their skills, boosting confidence and improving overall vehicular control. Think of these kinds of classes as “topping off” your education post-license.

Whatever bonus classes you may end up taking, remember it’s important to practice that which you learn, precisely in the manner you learned it. Take no shortcuts, and don’t modify the instruction provided you; doing so would only get you headed into the hazard of nurturing bad habits. If you take these additional lessons, remember the reasons why you’re doing so. Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs) are specifically trained and certified to give you the salient information you need to be a more successful driver. So, in your own out-of-class practice time, picture your instructor sitting beside you, and imagine what he or she would say as you operated your vehicle.

Here’s a look at some of the booster classes offered by the Automobile Association Limited, or AA.

Types of Driving Improvement Courses

Pass Plus * - This program, designed by the Driving Standards Agency in conjunction with insurance companies and driver training schools, is intended to help new drivers gain familiarity with an assortment of driving conditions. In taking a Pass Plus course, drivers will experience operating their vehicles in numerous different situations and environments, learning to adapt to a variety of driving conditions along the way. Students will encounter motorway driving, night driving, all-weather driving, in-town and out-of-town rural driving and more. Additional details on defensive driving are provided in this extension course, to better enable drivers in deterring accidents from taking place.

Motorway Lessons ** - Bid farewell to panicky lane changes and nerve-wracking merges! These classes are tailor-made for the driver who sometimes finds it a bit daunting to navigate the motorways. Depending on your needs, you can reserve as few as two hours of training, or gain more instruction by booking additional hours. This program is offered not as a course to complete, but as a series of individualized coaching sessions which drivers may avail themselves of whenever they feel the need.

Fully qualified instructors will guide you through the byways of the highways, providing you with tips and feedback as you go. You’ll improve your motorway confidence and enhance your skills for handling the both the usual and unexpected events that can take place on multiple-laned roads thick with traffic. Behind-the-wheel instruction is supplemented with a workbook to reinforce instruction learned on the road.These lessons are available at standard post-test rates; contact your local AA office for specific details.

AA Drive Smart *** - This free program is available for any driver licensed within the past twelve months, and is especially designed for those who may have incurred license penalty points or been involved in an accident within that first year of driving. This brief course is a total of only two hours, but within that span of time, qualified instructors will help newer drivers gain pointers that they may have missed while brushing up on driver safety. As a bonus, students will learn tips to improve on fuel economy, which can help save money in the long run.

This program has some slots yet available for free instruction, thanks to the AA Drive Smart Charity, which has covered funding for a number of lessons.

From “Meh” to “Marvelous!”

Average learner drivers don’t have to remain average. Enhance your motoring know-how with some fun, simple classes, and enjoy life out on the highway!

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