Psychologist Salary

Listed by State

Does working with people sound like a satisfying career? How about analyzing and discerning intentions and backgrounds? Do formulating theories and hypotheses intrigue you a bit? If you’ve said yes to any of these questions, then you may want to consider becoming a psychologist. There are a plethora of psychologist types, so you’re provided with a multiple amount of areas or environments to work in.

This article is designed to help you discover a few things about the profession of psychology:

  • How to become a psychologist
  • What the average psychologist salary is
  • The different types of psychologists
  • The psychologist job description


The psychologist has many responsibilities from day to day. Depending upon which field they are in, they could be responsible for observation, assessment, and experimentation of individuals. The primary role of most psychologists is to study human feelings and beliefs that effect human behavior in certain ways. Following is a list of different fields of psychology and what each is responsible for doing on a daily basis.

Clinical Psychologists

Representing most psychologists, the clinical psychologist is concerned with individual assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of many of the mental disorders in our communities. Clinical psychologists often interview clients in their office and use many different approaches to determining solutions to the client’s problems. They often try to determine the cause of issues and help the individual see for themselves solutions to these difficulties.

Clinical Psychologist Salary: around $78K per year.

School Psychologists

These psychologists focus on children attending public schools. They can work with children as young as 6 to the age of 18. They often collaborate with teachers, principals, and parents. School psychologists are present to help with learning and behavioral disabilities while creating a safe environment for growth and understanding.

School Psychologist Salary: around $70K per year.

Child Psychologists

Child psychologists work similarly to school psychologists, but often outside of school, in the home, or the counselor’s office. Through drawing, talking, and other expressive methods, the child psychologists tries to interpret and assess a child’s misbehavior, social anxiety, or plenty of other issues that one might face as a child.

Child Psychologist Salary: around $69K per year.

Forensic Psychologists (Find out EVERYTHING about forensic psychology here!)

The forensic psychologist is a bit different than the prior fields. This career is responsible for helping judges, attorneys, and other legal professionals determine the psychological aspects of a legal case. Most of the time the psychologist is used as an expert witness in cases such as family court, civil court, and criminal court. In each of these cases, the psychologist uses research and evaluation methods to be an asset to the legal system.

Forensic Psychologist Salary: around $60K per year.

Industrial Psychologists

Industrial psychologists use research methods and psychological principles to make the work life of employees improve into better quality to produce preferable results for companies. Most industrial psychologists will work on marketing solutions to better advertise for companies.

Industrial Psychologist Salary: around 90K per year.


The best way to enter this profession is by obtaining your Ph.D. You can’t do much with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Most organizations and institutions require at least a Master’s Degree in Social Work, Psychology, Education, Psychiatry, or Counseling. You must pass your GRE (Graduate Record Examination) to enter a qualified program for psychology.

While in college you’ll want as much experience as possible. During the school year assist a professor with teaching or research. In the summer months, apply for internships and hands-on training courses. This will put you above many others and give you the precise experience employers are looking for.

During graduate school you will need to be interning somewhere or researching for a professor. This boosts your experience and gives you great references to use for later on. In many cases you will need to begin your licensure and have a mentor who will assist you in your supervision requirements. You’ll need a certain amount of supervised hours to qualify for a psychology license.

For each of the different fields there are different requirements. And in each state there are also different stipulations. For instance, to become a child psychologist will have contrasting qualifications than for a forensic psychologist. You’ll need to discover these areas through your state’s psychology board. For your state’s psychology requirements, visit the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Board.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average psychologist salary is currently $84,220 per year. The average hourly wage for a psychologist is $40.49 per hour. This may interest you a bit as most people find this to be a fulfilling and satisfying career choice, especially those opening their own offices and running their businesses themselves. Included in this article (below) is date for the average psychologist salary for every state in the U.S.  You may be surprised that the psychologist salary is so high, but you could move to a different state and the psychologist salary simply rises even more.


Hourly: $42.22

Salary: $87,810


Hourly: $48.60

Salary: $101,100


Hourly: $43.53

Salary: $90,550


Hourly: $46.18

Salary: $96,050


Hourly: $42.27

Salary: $87,920


Hourly: $43.92

Salary: $91,360

District of Columbia

Hourly: $46.17

Salary: $96,040


Hourly: $40.81

Salary: $84,880


Hourly: $37.42

Salary: $77,820


Hourly: $35.88

Salary: $74,640


Hourly: $37.86

Salary: $78,750


Hourly: $39.59

Salary: $82,350


Hourly: $39.57

Salary: $82,320


Hourly: $35.59

Salary: $74,020


Hourly: $37.17

Salary: $77,310


Hourly: $34.98

Salary: $72,760


Hourly: $36.89

Salary: $76,720


Hourly: $37.54

Salary: $78,090


Hourly: $43.52

Salary: $90,530


Hourly: $38.34

Salary: $79,750


Hourly: $33.36

Salary: $69,390


Hourly: $34.18

Salary: $71,100


Hourly: $31.08

Salary: $64,640


Hourly: $36.21

Salary: $75,330


Hourly: $42.53

Salary: $88,470

New Hampshire

Hourly: $46.77

Salary: $97,290

New Jersey

Hourly: $38.91

Salary: $80,940

New Mexico

Hourly: $39.49

Salary: $82,140

New York

Hourly: $42.38

Salary: $88,140

North Carolina

Hourly: $42.16

Salary: $87,700


Hourly: $38.04

Salary: $79,120


Hourly: $36.15

Salary: $75,190


Hourly: $41.87

Salary: $87,100


Hourly: $39.88

Salary: $82,940

Puerto Rico

Hourly: $26.08

Salary: $54,240

Rhode Island

Hourly: $28.96

Salary: $60,240

South Carolina

Hourly: $39.19

Salary: $81,510


Hourly: $39.08

Salary: $81,290


Hourly: $38.14

Salary: $79,340


Hourly: $33.02

Salary: $68,690


Hourly: $43.65

Salary: $90,800


Hourly: $36.39

Salary: $75,700

West Virginia

Hourly: $40.45

Salary: $84,140


Hourly: $38.52

Salary: $80,120


If this profession fascinates you at all, then go ahead and start researching the best schools, colleges, and degrees you will need to enter the exact field you desire to. Remember that there are plenty of different fields of psychology that you could enter, so don’t trap yourself into one if you aren’t completely certain yet. And if the psychologist salary is something that moves you forward with this choice, keep thinking about it. Your future waits. Good luck!