Tent Rental Pricing

Many people search for average pricing for wedding tent rental but there is no simple answer. Pricing for tent rental can vary based on many different factors. When pricing tent rentals for your wedding or event, consider the following.

1) How many guests are you looking to accommodate? Tent prices will vary based on the size and style of the tent needed to fulfill your needs. When pricing tents, you will need to consider your number of guests, seating preferences and decorations for the amount of space needed. Tent price ranges can start in the low $100s to upwards of $2000 and higher based on the size and style.

2) Delivery date and times. All tent rental and event rental companies have their own policies as far as delivery cost, set up fees and after hours fees if necessary. If your wedding or event is being held at a home, this is usually not an issue. If you are hosting your event at a park or other location where time is limited, you will need to talk to someone about specific event times.

3) Decorations and accessories. Most tents come with a plain white top and nothing else. Many companies offer side walls, lighting, decorations and other tent accessories at extra cost. If you are interested in decorating your tent, pricing will change based on your personal needs.

4) What type of tent do you need. There are a few different types of canopies from frame tents, pole tents, high peaks, etc. Frame tents give you access to the full square footage with legs surrounding the perimeter. Pole tents require at least 1 pole in the center of the tent but can be more economical based on the size. Having poles in the center of your tent will require you to plan around them for seating or decoration and must be staked into the ground. Each type of tent will vary in pricing based on set up time and complexity.

5) Geographic location. Prices will vary based on your event location. Searching and comparing pricing for similar tent styles and sizes from local companies in your area will give you the most accurate average pricing for your event.

Gather as much information as possible before contacting rental companies. Many websites have estimated number of guests for each tent based on standard layouts. Some companies will even come to your location to give you an estimate and planning ideas. Understanding exactly what you are looking for is the best way to find average pricing for wedding tent rentals.