Avira Personal Antivirus


  • Avira AntiVir is effective. It has caught many viruses on my system over the years, and I trust it to guard me against others. Various rankings consistently place it in the top in overall detection.
  • Avira AntiVir is compact. It doesn't hog my computer's resources that I value for gaming and overall function.
  • Avira AntiVir is fast.
  • Avira AntiVir has a slick interface. Getting around the main program isn't confusing, slow, or difficult to do.


  • Advertisements. The program occasionally pops up with an advertisement from Avira for product offers.
  • Antivirus only. Avira AntiVir Personal does not come with anything but antivirus and rootkit detection. It does not have a firewall or antispyware protection.

Full Review

When I first got my own computer, I wanted to find the best free antivirus software that I could. After checking out various options, I finally stuck with Avira AntiVir Personal. Of course, all products come with some disadvantages, but for the most part I have been pleased with the quality of service I get from AntiVir.

Avira AntiVir has scored high on detection rates and relatively low on false positive rates for quite some time. I'm sure many of you share my concerns that I had that free antivirus software was simply not as good as the stuff you pay for. However, after finding the same message over again (such as it is on this blog), I have basically confirmed that all you pay for in software suites is the convenience of bundling. For instance, if you buy Norton, you'll not only get antivirus, but also antispyware and a firewall, among other security utilities. However, all of these are available for free (and of often better quality) -- the only difference is that they have to be installed separately.

For antivirus software, Avira Antivir is great at detecting and removing viruses from the system. I typically get 10-20 alerts from Antivir each year. It notifies you with its Guard by playing a beep from the system speaker and displaying a warning message. All in all, a very secure free antivirus that I trust.

The fact that the software is free, however, comes at a price. On occasion, an advertisement will pop up for Avira's other products. These advertisements have seem to gone down quite a bit over the past year. Thankfully, they do not interrupt any full-screen applications (at least, they have not from my experience).

My parents use McAfee, and their systems have certainly taken a turn for the worse due to the RAM and CPU power being eaten up by it. Thankfully, with my choice to switch to AntiVir Personal, that doesn't really happen with my computer, which is an incredibly good thing since I'm still running on an Intel Pentium 4 with only one core. It displays one quick message as my computer boots up, and then stays quiet in the system tray. I never have any problems with Avira AntiVir lagging or causing my system to freeze.

The scan speed of this free antivirus software is top-notch. The last scan I performed on 67.2GB worth of files took only 50 minutes on an old Intel Pentium 4 processor. In addition, the scan did not noticeably lag my computer.

The Avira AntiVir Personal interface has gotten increasingly better, and now looks quite polished, particularly for a free antivirus software. On the left are three animated menus that contain a history of events and reports, a customized scanner menu, quarantine, and a scheduler to set a time for the antivirus software to run. It is very easy to maneuver through and does not cause my older computer to crash.

In Closing

Although Avira's free antivirus product, AntiVir Personal, occasionally advertises the company, I find it to be the best free antivirus to suit my needs. Its speed, compactness, effectiveness, and easy-to-use interface make cleaning and preventing viruses a breeze.