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Although avocado is a rich source of protein, many individuals in the developed world seem to have shelved it for the meat delicacies which are rich in content but harmful in the long term. However, there are individuals who have embraced avocado rich diet because of the immense health benefits which accrues from avocado nutrition. Vegetarians who don’t consume legume will find this fruit to be a sure source of nutrients to satisfy a considerable amount of daily nutrient intake

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Although avocado is a fruit, it is generally regarded as a meal because of its richness and high nutritional density. Avocado seems to be the only fruit that can supply a reasonable balance of minerals and vitamins than other fruits. The calorie from avocado and all cumulative nutritional elements ideally makes it a wholesome meal. Regardless of the variety, avocado can supply daily body nutritional needs for the young and old.

Mineral Content

Avocado nutrition comprises contains trace amount of minerals such as vitamin b 12, zinc, and calcium. Its content of thiamine and riboflavin is also considerable averaging 9%. Interestingly, this super rich fruit has at least 8 essential mineral elements with an impressive calorie ratio of about 2:1. There are also considerable amounts of potassium, copper, and other amino acids whose nutritional content is double that of calories making avocado a very nutritious fruit.


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The Hass variety is considered to be the most nutritious of all varieties with about 2.4% protein content. The protein content of avocado exceeds that of ordinary fruits. It is estimated that avocado has 10 times more protein content than other fruits and this is quite unusual for any fruit. Avocado has up to 4 times amino acid more fruit than the ordinary citrus fruit such as mango and oranges. Although it contains varying amounts of the nine vital amino acids, avocado has taken the identity of a complete food.

Mono Unsaturated Fat

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Avocado ranks highly among fruits which have considerable amount of mono unsaturated fat but low levels of saturated fats.  It shares the same attribute with olive oils. Research shows that the mono unsaturated fat in avocado can lower blood pressure and lower the possibility of developing heart diseases caused by foods rich in cholesterol. Unlike saturated fat which is linked to colon cancer, the plant fat in avocado is considered healthy and major deterrent against cancer, heart and coronary diseases, and aging.  Thus, avocado nutrition can improve wellness and help minimize the occurrence of diseases.


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I have presented to yourselves the numberous benefits of eating this product. Avocadoes supply a considerable amount of anti-oxidants in a normal diet. In fact, it supplies up to double the amount of anti-oxidants that the body requires per day. As we have already seen, avocado is also supper rich in iron and copper which are essential mineral components of anti-oxidants. Individuals who have a deficit of these minerals can consume regular portions of avocado than taking supplements. This will reduce the build of toxins and ensure that cell metabolism is sustained at optimum levels.