Avoid Accidental Nudity use a wearable towel

After Showering you may find yourself struggling to hold onto your towel, keeping it wrapped around you , while taking care of after shower grooming. Grab that hairdryer or start shaving and wham the towel is dropped to the floor.

To avoid this situation or to be able to go to the beach and not worry about towels dropping try this solution: The Toga Towel, Wearable Towel. It is designed for anyone to wear! These are the hottest new trend on Google search.

Walmart does sell a similar product, but it is not the same as the Toga or the other classy wearable towels that we are seeing on google searches.

When choosing fabric or shopping for Toga style, make sure to select from the best and finest cotton available. 100% Egyptian Cotton is usually the best choice for soft and absorbent.

You can class wearable towels up by tie dying or by embellishing with bedazzler or embroidery. Make sure that the bling you add to your towel is washable and placed well for comfortable wear.
Check out these links for instructions on making your own or on how to wear a toga style towel. I hope you NEVER again find yourself accidentally nude at home or the beach