According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, 12,000 children under age 6 are injured yearly because of household cleaning products. The number one reason for these injuries is poisoning from ingestion, especially in the age group of 1-3 years old and the number one storage container is spray bottles.

Avoid toxic chemical household cleaning products

Bleach is the number one toxic causative agent for injury to children by poisoning from ingestion although there are others like pine scents and sweet scents that also cause injury.


Avoid toxic chemical household cleaning products

Other ways that household cleaning products cause injury is from difficulty breathing, asthma, burns, seizures, neurological changes and even death.

Read on to learn ways to avoid dangers of household cleaning products for your children and any of their friends that may visit your home.

Things You Will Need


Natural household cleaners

Locked cabinets everywhere in your home with simple products


Step 1

Avoid toxic chemical household cleaning products Lock all toxic, chemical household cleaning products to keep out of reach of small children. There are many products on the market that easily allow any type of cabinet to lock for the safety of small children that can be purchased from or your local hardware store.

Step 2

Avoid brightly colored household cleaning products Avoid brightly colored household cleaning products. Children are attracted to these bright colors and many of them even resemble a child's favorite juice drink.

Step 3

Avoid sweet smelling household cleaning products that children can access, drink and become poisoned by. Children are attracted to these cleaners as they may smell like their favorite lemonade or other citrus drink and they won't realize the danger involved.

Step 4

Avoid changing the original containers Avoid changing the original containers that toxic chemical household cleaning products come in. Children won't be able to read or recognize these dangerous products and may just like the spray bottle.

Step 5

Avoid aerosol spray bottles when purchasing household cleaning products. Aerosol sprays are another area of potential danger to children as they unknowingly inhale these toxic fumes.

Step 6

Change any of your toxic and dangerous household cleaning products to natural, safe and healthier options that will keep you and your family safe.

Step 7

Teach children about the dangers of household cleaning products and be aware that this may encourage them even more to try them. Children are always very curious!

Step 8

Never leave small children unattended. It only takes a second for them to find and use toxic household cleaning products that can and will injure them!

Prevention of injuries related to toxic household cleaning products is key to safety for your child or any children in your neighborhood. Try to avoid purchasing and using these dangerous products at all costs. There are many natural ingredients and products that are more than effective and much safer to use without any of the potential dangerous side effects.


To find pure, safe, natural household cleaners that are good for you, your home, pets and the environment, see my recommendations here:

Tips & Warnings

* Always lock toxic household cleaning products since children can climb and even if kept in upper cabinets, these harmful products may still be within reach of a curious child.

* Practice safety when using any toxic household cleaning products such as wearing gloves and a mask as well as being in a well ventilated area.

* Learn what to do prior to any accidental ingestion by contacting your local poison control center.

* Call the National Poison Control Center immediately if you suspect a child has accessed any toxic household cleaners at 1-800-222-1222 and they will connect you to a local center

* Keep your local Poison Control Center number readily available on or under your phone - find it before you need it.

* For any noticed difficulty breathing, seizures, neurological changes or burns:


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