For many the holidays are an extremely popular time of the year. And with the holidays comes lots of fantastic food and parties for all. But if you one who wants to try and avoid packing additional pounds, this time of year can be challenging. But if you take a little time to plan ahead and know what to expect you may be able to successful fight off any additional pounds.

Keep on Exercising

You should not let your exercising slide. Although many gymnasiums are closed for Thanksgiving and Christmas, you can still go outside for a brisk walk or run. Many times when we indulge in our favorite foods, we also stop our exercise routine. If you are visiting friends or family out of town, take the time to go to their gym or walk with them in the early mornings. Hiking and running are some of the best ways to stay in shape and keep the extra weight off. At least try and maintain what you have worked so hard to achieve over the holidays.

Eat Beforehand

If you don't have that much willpower, there is another technique that you can use that helps many people. Before you actually go out to party or even where you know there will be a lot of unfavorable choices, try filling up on nutritious items like fruits and vegetables. Plenty of water will also stave off any bad choices including desserts and other undesirable choices.

Try and Eat Smartly

Have you though about making your own l own low calorie dishes. There are many great websites that provide you with low calorie dishes. Instead of eating carrot cake or chocolate cake, try making a low calorie pudding snack. They taste great and don't pack the calories of other high calorie desserts.

Remember Moderation is Key

Of course you don't have to miss out on all the tasty dishes. Just remember you don't have to eat an entire piece of pie or the entire turkey. Just eat a few pieces of the appetizers. And then pass the tray on. And it can't hurt if you skip out on the desserts.

And remember you don't have to eat everything on your plate. If you leave a few bites on your plate, you will feel as though you have power over your food. So next time try not to clear your plate.