Disciplinary Action by Father Google is Scary

Father Google

Search engine penalties are the Jason X of the internet marketing world.  With just a small update your business can lose a lot of views and rankings. Without being careful, a penalty can kill your business.

This article will explain how you can keep out of harms way of an algorithmic penalty and keep your revenue sky high.

First thing before we start, let's go over the penalties.

  1. A manual penalty is when an actual human being at Google makes manual action against a site.
  2. An algorithmic penalty when your site violates Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Google is smart enough to input algorithms that are complicated to see if your website has any violations. If you are caught, then your status on the search results drop. The graph below is a very good example of what to expect when you receive an algorithmic penalty.


Google Penalty

 Now that we have cleared up how penalties come about let us dive in together on avoiding a Google penalty in the first place.

There are five ways to make sure that you avoid an algorithmic penalty.


Lesson # 1: Follow the guidelines of Google 

Read it carefully and be sure to follow it precisely.  
 Google guidelines

They tell you, “follow our guidelines.” before you continue.

Make this guideline your bible.  

Lesson # 2 : Auditing your content

This sounds boring I know but remember the boring things will lead you to a less risky site that's one step away from a penalty.  Know the Google guidelines and always keep an eye on high quality content pages, images alt-tagged keyword stuffing, sh . Knowing the guidelines of Google and make sure that all your pages don’t violate any of the guidelines. You will be clear of any thing that they throw at you. So again do things like keeping the content quality of your pages high, images should be alt-tagged and much more.

Lesson # 3 : Link ratios and cleaning it up.

Your link profile contains all of your special links. Be sure that you update your link profile frequently by organizing it. Just go to Google Webmaster Tools and here you can get the list of all your links.  Simply go to Search Traffic>>Links to Your Site. 

After that do this:

  • Click “more” under “who links the most”. 
  • Then click “download latest links”. And a list of links Google is using to rank your website will appear. 
  • Every two months check for spammy backlinks (( another reason for algorithmic penalties)) and optimized anchor text.  

  • Find any of these spammy backlinks then you should send an email to the webmaster of the website for them to remove the link. 

Lesson # 4 :Identifying what spammy links are

These are steps to identifying those Pesky spammy links

  1. Get a document of your backlinks report from sources like these.  Widely used sources are:
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Link Detox Tool: Links are flagged if they obtain high, moderate and low risk back links.
  • Majestic SEO 
  • Bing Webmaster Tools
Example of using Majestic SEO to know your trust and citation flow.  majestic seo citation and trust flow
So to break this down for you in layman's term basically:

If the Citation Flow is high and the Trust Flow is low, your website has a lot of link equity (or “juice”), but barely or no trust from wherever the those links are coming from.  As you can see, with my site being new at the time including with me getting spammed and blindly approving all comments spam or no spam, this was my result.

Now if my Trust Flow was high and I had really low Citation Flow the links pointing to that site would be from very trustworthy sources that you would want a link from.

Lesson # 5 :Penguin penalty take no pity on:

  1. Classified spam
  2. Spammy blog-roll links
  3. Free for all directories
  4. Link networks –private and public network
  5. Comment spam
  6. Forum signature spam with exact march
  7. Site wide backlinks
  8. Article marketing links with signature spam at the bottom of articles
  9. Exact match anchor text widget app’ links 

To get a deeper look at your anchor text ratios, it is quite important to check and distinguish between domain links from total backlinks. 


Lesson # 5: Take a shot at firing your SEO

I know I love to use SEO services because whenever I'm starting a website I sometimes like to get a quick head start on my competition and then discontinue the service because of getting more and more knowledge of creating my own link juice (( high pr 5 and etc )).  

PR links for a site i'm working on

SEO and firing them or keeping them

But sadly some of them might sabotage your website instead of helping you. But before being done away with SEO services ask them some of these are all if you prefer:


  • What are the contents in each PR website (( high page rank website)) 
  • What kind of internal linking
  • Where are your backlinks coming from and how are you gaining these backlinks. In everything you ask (( do a bit more research to know what other things Google likes looking at to help judge what you should ask your SEO service)) Don’t just ask them but also let them show you the website so you have personal view of it.

Lesson #6 :Keep creating great content


Here’s what you need to do:

  • Create content consistently because content marketing isn’t a one-and-done thing. It takes daily work.
  • Make different kinds of content. Create infographics and videos. These types of content are more than valuable, proven to engage users and increase traffic forms of content.

Insanely good content, result in people visiting, clicking, learning, reading, sharing.  The links will come.The rankings will rise. And, best of all, you’ll avoid the penalties.


Have any of you fallen to an algorithmic penalty?

What made you get it in the first place, and what did you do to recover?