Avoid Holiday Overeating

Avoid Holiday Overeating

Do you worry about the upcoming holidays knowing that you're bound to gain weight due to all the festivities, office parties, home parties and general overeating? Many people eat due to anxiety, general binge eating and mindless eating.

Follow these Avoid Holiday Overeating Tips that can help you stay on track of your waistline and still have fun enjoying all that the holidays have to offer.

Keep Exercising

Stay focused on your exercise plan so that you will keep your weight under control, feel better about yourself and be totally aware of everything you put in your mouth. Exercise helps to burn calories and also keeps your metabolism working at its peak level.

If you aren't currently working on your own exercise plan, start one today. We all need to burn more calories than we consume so even doing just an extra 20 minutes of any type of exercise daily will give you a winning edge over those that are not exercising.

Drink Water

Drink at least 6-8 glasses of water a day in an effort to avoid holiday overeating. Water helps to keep you full, cleans the body of toxins in the intestines so that you won't feel bloated.

Small Frequent Meals

Avoid Holiday Overeating by eating 5-6 small meals per day. Food is fuel and if you continue to provide your body with fuel in small frequent meals, you'll be less likely to be hungry when festivities and those office parties come about. Get into this routine as a normal way to eat and you'll find it much less likely that you ever indulge in overeating habits.

Depriving ourselves of eating causes hunger pangs and an easier inclination to indulge in overeating when food is present. Smaller more frequent meals throughout the day will decrease overeating.

Eat Before a Party

This sounds odd but it is true that if you eat before a party it works to avoid holiday overeating. When you arrive at the party, you won't want to dive into the heavy, high fat and high calorie foods that are usually present during the holiday parties.

Eat Fresh Vegetables

Fresh vegetables are loaded with all sorts of essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals that our bodies need. Plan to eat more fresh vegetables at any party during the holidays since they're good for us and we can eat all the vegetables we want without adding empty calories, fat or unwanted pounds.

Eat a variety of fresh vegetables and try them all. You'll add more nutrition to your body and won't have to worry about adding extra pounds of unwanted weight during the holidays.

Keep fresh vegetables cleaned, peeled and ready to eat in small zip lock baggies for any binge eating or mindless eating habits.

Eat Breakfast Every Day

Many people have avoided overeating habits by simply starting every day with a healthy and wholesome breakfast. This first meal of the day adds fuel to the body, gets your metabolism going and will prevent you from being so hungry later or all of a sudden that you look for and grab the first unhealthy, high fat or high calorie item that you see.

If you love milkshakes and if that's your downfall food item that is adding too much fat or calories to your waistline, consider making your own breakfast shake:

In a handy blender add one cup of skim milk, one banana, one half cup of strawberries and 1/2 cup of plain yogurt. Blend until smooth and creamy and enjoy.

Change your recipe for your own healthy shake by trying new fruit and always use the skim milk and plain yogurt to keep the calories manageable.

By making your own healthy shake, you'll not only get the taste that you enjoy but more importantly, you'll avoid all the preservatives and heavy cream that gives a milkshake it's bad reputation of an unhealthy food.

Avoid Grocery Shopping when Hungry

Many people find that they go to the grocery store hungry and it is this time that you are more likely to purchase unhealthy options.

Write a grocery list before going to the grocery store and eat a snack of protein with healthy carbohydrate before you step out the door such as string cheese and celery sticks or cucumber pieces. You'll be much less likely to avoid purchasing unhealthy options like chips and high fat and high calorie snacks.

Eat slowly at every meal

Many people eat so fast that they are full way before they actually finish but, don't realize it because of how quickly they eat.

Eat all meals at a table and preferably with someone else.

Take one bite and put the fork or spoon down.

Focus on the food you are eating, chew it well and have a conversation with the person you are dining with to make the mealtime last longer.

Stop eating as soon as you start to feel full. It takes a while for all that food to reach your stomach. If you stop eating when you just begin to feel full, you'll definitely be full in 15-20 minutes more and you'll also avoid feeling bloating from overeating.

Eat only the size of your palm of your fist. That's the size of your stomach and eating more than that is considered overeating and causes bloating, malaise and a general yuck feeling after a meal.

Use a Smaller Plate

One great trick that many people find success to avoid holiday overeating is to use a smaller plate. This will help you to stick to the rule of eating only the size of your palm of your hand and is more than plenty to eat at one sitting or party.

Be a Taster

Many people have found success with avoiding overeating during the holidays by being a taster.

Instead of eating an entire cookie, cake or other dessert or even those high fat and high calorie appetizers at a holiday gathering, vow to just take one bite to taste it. Being a taster will help you to avoid depriving yourself of something that you may really want to try while at the same time avoid you eating an entire serving of an unhealthy food.

Use these Avoid Holiday Overeating Tips now and for any event that you attend at your home or office party over the holidays. You'll maintain your weight and it will help you to look and feel your best for overall health and wellness that you deserve.

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