Hiring a maid service is a great way to get your life back by lessening your load, but if you are not careful when hiring a maid service you may find yourself in the middle of maid service nightmares. The dreaded maid service nightmare can be avoided if you simply take your time in the hiring process and take safeguards before you let anyone in your home.

While there are no guarantees in life, with maid services, there are a good number of ways that you can increase the odds that the service you get will be anything but a nightmare. These include:

• Ask for References: Whichever maid service you are considering be sure to ask for at least three references from them. Take the time to call these references so that you can find out how their other clients feel about their work. If a maid service refuses to give you references, then simply refuse to give them the job.
• Go with the Pros: Instead of hiring a maid service that just started up this year, consider hiring a maid service that has been around for a number of years. An easy way to do this is by hiring a maid service that is a franchise such as Molly Maid and the like. These maid services are usually strict in their hiring process and have been in the game for some time now. This means that they will have better quality employees and will also have a trustworthy reputation.
• Don't Tempt: No matter who you hire for your maid service, don't leave things out that will tempt even the purest of souls. When you know that your maid service is coming, be sure that all your valuables and jewelry are put away and don't leave anything of value lying out.
• Get Insured: You should also be sure that the maid service you are considering is fully insured. This will not only cover you if something goes missing, but it will also cover you should one of the maid service's employees get injured while at your home. If you hire an uninsured maid service you are leaving yourself with no recourse should something happen.
• Don't be Cheap: Yes you do want to save money if you can, but if cost is your only focus with the maid service you hire then you will probably skip over some of the other points previously mentioned. Remember, it isn't worth it to save a little bit of money if it means a family heirloom goes missing.

Maid service nightmares are an all too common thing in the world. There are many horror stories that can be told by many people, but they would all probably tell you the same thing on how to avoid the nightmares. If you simply take your time and research the maid service you are considering then you are less likely to have to deal with any maid service nightmares and more likely to get what you want in a maid service; a little bit of help and a lot less stress.