Avoid Surpise Fees

As the economy forces everyone to examine their finances more closely, businesses look for ways to cut costs and generate additional income. The hotel industry has managed to find creative ways to tack on additional, and often unadvertised charges for services that were once complimentary. Here's how to avoid big surprises from small charges on your hotel bill.

Things You Will Need

Hotel reservation

Step 1

Sometimes there is a long wait between your checkout time and the time of your flight. Many people take advantage of this by seeing the sights of the city. Ask if the hotel will hold your luggage after checkout if you need this service and find out if there is a charge. Many hotels are now adding a fee to your bill for holding your bags.

Step 2

Find out in advance if your hotel automatically includes tips on the bill. This is customary in Europe and is now happening in the U.S. too.

Step 3

Pass up room service. Many hotels have added another charge to this service above the usual costs. The extra charge is used to pay for trays that get lost or damaged on a daily basis.

Step 4

Watch movies in your room only after asking if there is a charge for them. Never assume the channels are free.

Step 5

Bring along your own snacks and drinks. Mini bar fees, while already overpriced, now include an additional restocking charge in some hotels.

Step 6

Investigate the hotel's policy on parking your vehicle in their garage. These charges can be considerable, especially for an extended hotel stay.

Tips & Warnings