Avoiding Weight Gain on Vacation


You have worked hard to lose weight and now it's time for vacation. You cringe at the thought of reversing your success after all your hard work and discipline. Don't panic! Try these proven tips that will help that scale not to start climbing again and show you how to avoid weight gain on vacation while still enjoying yourself.

Don't eat on the fly. In order to keep things intact, everything has to be thought through carefully. That's right, planning your meals, your snacks and everything. Most diets fail because of lack of planning and it only takes one day of misbehaving to accomplish a downhill trend.

Go online and look up all the local restaurants of where you will be staying. Print out menus and begin planning healthy meals from the menus. The key is to be prepared. You still will be able to enjoy yourself without going overboard and avoid losing your discipline on vacation.

Before you leave, buy some 100 calorie snacks that you like. Only take a moderate amount of these with you, one a day or so. If you take more than you need, you may eat more than you should. Ration them out so you are not just packing on the calories.

You should plan on getting exercise. There are lots of activities besides walking and jogging. If all else fails, find a gym to go to. Depending on where you go, you may be able to find anything from walking trails to water activities. This will really help you avoid inactivity on vacation and you will enjoy the scenery so much.

Drink lots of water! This is an obvious tip, but sometimes when we are out of routine, we forget the simple methods of keeping ourselves on track. Set your alarm on your phone to remind you about drinking your water. This nice reminder will help you to remember.

Skip dessert! One sure way to set you off your pattern of eating is to splurge on dessert. We tend to say just this once and then the once becomes a habit until you are right back where you started, eating too much. Don't make this mistake and you will avoid weight gain on vacation.

Setting standards before vacation comes can be a huge benefit. If you have spent all that time losing the weight, it will be disappointing going backwards when you come back from vacation.