Getting a job interview is great in this economic climate. Many are unable to get an interview which is equivalent to getting your foot in the door of a company. If you want to get the rest of you in the door, avoid these common mistakes made at job interviews.

  • Never be late. Arrive early always. If you are late for an interview the interviewer may assume you will also bring this habit into the office
  •  Appearance is important. Even if you are interviewing for a job where you have a uniform to wear, make sure that you are dressed appropriate for an interview which is office business dress. Never casual attire. Make sure your clothes are clean and ironed. You don’t necessarily need to go out and purchase a $300 suit. However, don’t wear a dirty pair of blue jeans or an outfit that you wear out to the dance club on Friday night. If you are not sure, don’t wear it.
  •  Bring everything you need or assume you may need. Better to be over prepared instead of underprepared. Bring your resume, reference information and portfolio information. You can place the information in a simple folder and bring it along and review the information prior to the interview.
  • Communicate with confidence. Don’t be arrogant but have confidence in the things that you are saying. A great way to do this is tell the truth. Don’t stretch the truth or tell a lie. You never know when the prospective employer may want to verify your information.
  • Watch your body language. Body language can sometimes reflect things that aren’t true. Sit up straight and pay attention. If you slouch or appear uninterested, regardless of what you say, your body language may be saying something else and cost you the position you are seeking.
  • Do homework on the company you are interviewing for. Find out information on the web or other resources about the company. If the interviewer asks any questions concerning the company you can answer them. In addition, if the interviewer is discussing the company and any changes or things that are going on, you can follow along
  • Anxiety is common for job interviews and similar situations. However, try not to show it. Don’t be too casual but relax if possible. Anxiety is difficult to hide but do you best. Put on the extra deodorant if necessary and try to calm your body and mind. Anxiety can be reduced if you are prepared for the interview through help outlined in this article.
  • Ask a question. You can ask a general question if you don’t necessarily have any related to the job if you did your homework on the company. Many interviewers may be impressed if you ask a question about the company as a whole. This may show that you are interested in team work and plan to stay with the company and invest as a team member.
  • Don’t have negative information to share about a former employer. Even if you left on not the best of terms, try to reword the information in a more positive light. If not more positive light, perhaps less negative. Especially stay away from bashing former coworkers or supervisors.
  • Be truthful about your skills and experience. This is something again that they may verify and you don’t want to come away looking terrible or make this the make or break item when you could have had the position.

By following these 10 tips on job interviewing you will be more successful at your next interview. Coming away with the position you applied for is the goal. You can have that with these points of reference.

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