Workers involved in the agriculture industry are often confronted with the dangers that they face in their line of work. In order to avoid these dangers, they must always keep in mind to:

  • Wear protective gears when handling heavy equipments.

  • Never operate heavy machineries unless the worker is experienced and would know what to do if there is trouble.

  • Be wary of slippery patches and obstructions on the pathway.

  • Wear appropriate clothes in the work place to avoid discomfort and possible accidents.

  • As much as possible, don't go near animals that you are not familiar with or are not secured.

These are just some of the things that workers can do on their part to avoid accidents that can inflict serious injuries which will prohibit them from working for a long period of time.

Employers, on the other hand, must also do their share to avoid these accidents so as not to be involved in any dispute that will taint their reputation and can affect their financial stability by taking proper care of their employees.

Possible Scenarios of Accidents

A lot of accidents can happen to those working in farm and other similar places. These mishaps can cause injuries that are likely to affect their finances and means of earning income. Here are some of them:

  • Being electrocuted from wirings that are not installed properly.

  • Being attacked by animals that are not fenced in or properly restrained.

  • Falling from a defective ladder or equipment.

  • Losing a limb because of a defective equipment or machinery.

  • Being ran over or hit by an inexperienced driver operating a tractor and other similar equipments.

  • Slipping in a slippery patch or tripping over loose equipments and tools.

These accidents are likely to happen to workers in a farm managed by negligent owners who do not give importance to the safety of their employees. Hazardous conditions should be addressed immediately so as not to widen the scope of their liability.

Owners' Responsibility

As the owner of the farm and the employer, they must maintain the good working condition of their workers and address or foresee possible problems that their workers can face as they may be held liable for the accidents that could have been prevented with proper management.

They have the responsibility to make sure that their farm or any other agricultural property is safe to work at and that workers are provided with safety equipments when facing dangerous conditions.

Also, they must make sure that equipments and machineries are working well so as not to inflict workers with catastrophic injuries such as head injuries, paralysis, and even the loss of limbs which will permanently alter one's way of living and earning income.