Los Angeles big rig accidents occur almost every week along the city's long and wide freeways. But it's not only the city of LA that experiences this kind of vehicular accident; the whole country witnesses this as well. From the name itself, big rigs are feared because of their size and weight, not to mention the likely destruction that will happen if ever one gets into an accident.

Unlike other vehicles, the number of trucks or big rigs on the road is hard to control because they are gravely needed by companies in order to continue their business process and procedures. The continuing operation of businesses, in turn, helps the country's economy.

Therefore, the only thing other drivers can do is to keep themselves safe away from big rigs, especially those that are being handled recklessly by its drivers. Follow these steps in order to be safe from possible big rig accidents.

  • Avoid changing lanes all the time especially when driving near trucks or big rigs.
  • Avoid in-car distractions and always follow traffic rules and regulations.
  • Do not drive too close to the truck for you may end up on the driver's no-zones or blind spots. The areas on the left rear quarter, right rear quarter, and directly behind the truck at a short distance are areas that cannot be seen by the truck driver easily.
  • Do not get in between big rigs. There is a chance that a smaller car will get "sandwiched" between the two huge vehicles. If this situation can't be helped, the driver should just drive slowly and not swerve.
  • Do not rush. Speeding cars are guilty of driving near a truck and ending up on its blind spot.
  • If your car breaks down, do not abandon it in the middle of the road. Move it off the highway or on the shoulder. A reflective triangle may also come in handy so that big rig drivers can easily spot the stopped vehicle.

Some trucks are also considered as common carriers. Common carriers have a standard of care to uphold to their load or passengers. Any accident that may happen while passengers are being transported is liable to the common carrier. However, it should be proven that the company that owns the carrier or the driver and other people who handle the operation was negligent and therefore caused the accident. The passengers or other party injured have the right to file a claim for damages to the liable party.

Consult with an Personal Injury Lawyer in Los Angeles to help you solve accident claims issues.