A bicycle is a cheaper and more convenient alternative to a vehicle for someone who's trying to cut expenses. Unlike normal cars, bicycles don't need any liquid for it to run, thus cutting the cost of gasoline. Also, the spare parts and the maintenance needed are cheaper.

However, there are a few disadvantages to opting for bicycles; the most obvious of it is its vulnerability to accidents. Riders are exposed to threat because bikes are open. Bike accidents may involve a collision with a pedestrian, a stationary object on the road, or other cars.

Here are some of the most common ways of how a bike collision with a car occurs on the road and how a cyclist can avoid it.

1. The Right Cross

This happens when a car pulls out of a side street or driveway on the right. The bicycle may crash in front of the car or the bicycle may slam into it if it pulls out in front.

A cyclist needs to get a headlight especially if he usually rides at night so that car drivers will notice him better. A horn, while not required by the law, will make other motorists aware of the bicycle.

It is also better to slow down so that the incoming vehicle can easily spot the bicycle. Also, avoid riding very close to the right side of the curb; move a little to the left which is closer to the motorists' view.

2. The Door Prize

Perhaps one of the most common accidents occurs when a driver opens his door and the cyclist runs right into it. A person may avoid a Door Prize accident by driving far enough to the left. But it's better to just ride slowly but carefully, so that the bike can easily be stopped in case a door from any side pops open unexpectedly.

3. The Crosswalk Slam

Some people prefer riding on the sidewalk to avoid bigger vehicles. Unfortunately, bicycles can still be struck while crossing the street at a sidewalk if a vehicle makes a turn and the overlooks the crossing bicycle.

The best way to avoid this accident is to not ride on the sidewalk. Doing such is illegal in some places. Other than that, it makes a cyclist vulnerable to cars pulling out of parking spaces and endangers the pedestrians who are the ones who should be using sidewalks.

It may be fine to use a sidewalk if it's long and there's no need to cross streets frequently. Just make sure to ride slowly and check traffic in all directions before crossing.