Copyright infringement laws whether they are digital or otherwise might not be your first priority. It seems like these violations are everywhere & everyone downloads free music or software right? Plus, it's hard to know what is against the law & what isn't. Breaking copyright laws can have serious consequences. Plus, if you follow the law of copyright it shows your kids that even the smallest things are important & worthy of your attention.

Look at the consequences. We've all seen those warnings at the beginning of every movie. However, the guys in suits won't show up at our doors right? Record companies make the news whenever they prosecute someone who illegally downloaded music. These are just everyday folks who can end up being fined hundreds of thousands of dollars just because they didn't want to buy a cd or mp3.

Swap instead of download. Swapping is a free way to get free music, cds & books. Join a community & clear out the stuff you have for the stuff you want. It's also a way to recycle instead of just tossing these items away. Swapping is usually free at most sites & they have thousands or even millions of items to choose from. You usually just have to pay to ship your item. It's a way to get free music without copyright infringement. This also saves you the hassle of dealing with viruses that can be found on many free download sites.

Be careful of internet content. Most people learned about plagiarism in high school. However, in an age of user generated content this can get lost. The law of copyright even applies if you are posting a recipe or copying a photo. Try & resist, even if it seems like all of the other bloggers are doing it & getting away with it. Find unique & legal stock photos that will make your post stand out.

Check out creative commons. Creative commons is a license that allows people to use a work with certain restrictions. This is a great place to find photos to go with your articles. Plus, you'll be giving exposure to up & coming photographers who really want to get their work out there. It's a win win situation all around.

If you're a blogger & you can never seem to find enough celebrity photos look into affiliate links. Just look for the star's latest movie or a t-shirt with their picture on it. These links often have pictures that are legal to use. This is one of the few cases where obeying the law of copyright really does pay because you'll earn a small percentage if anyone decides to buy it.

Use free legal services. Most major tv networks will put a show up for internet viewing on their site a few days after it airs. If you catch it within a selected time frame, it's free. If you are craving new music, look into free internet radio. Sure, you'll have to listen to a few commercials but you'll still be in the bounds of copyright law. Copyright infringement laws might not make a lot of sense to you but in the long run you'll be glad you followed them.