Impaired driving is also referred to as distracted driving, drugged driving, and drunk driving. California has strict laws prohibiting impaired driving.

The following acts also constitute impaired driving:

1. Texting while driving

2. Using the cellphone while driving

3. Driving under fatigue

4. Having a lingering illness while driving

A large percentage of accident is caused by impaired driving. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that 11,773 people in United States suffered fatal injuries caused by impaired driving in 2008.

Young people are often involved in drunk driving that causes catastrophic injuries. California law has strict policy of 0.08 percent Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) test tolerance among motorists.

Motorcyclists are either involved or a victim of impaired driving. Motorcycle riders has helmet as the only protective gear in their body. The body is at risk of collision from an overspeeding vehicle. An incoming car driver may be texting and fail to notice the sudden left turn of a motorcycle.

Drivers with previous history of driving while impaired (DWI) record showed tendency to repeat the violation over time.

How to avoid DWI violation?

1. Do not attempt to drink any kind of alcoholic drinks before and during driving. California Highway Patrol officers can detect the slightest amount of alcohol in your blood.

2. Do not text while driving. Pull over if you need to compose or send a message.

3. Use a hands free cellphone. Install the hands free device in your car in case you need to answer an important call in addressing business or family concerns.

4. If you do not have sufficient sleep or stressed out, pull over and take a short nap to

ease your fatigue. Lack of sleep and fatigue cause the driver to diminish the ability to react on stimulus on the road such as traffic signals and hazards. Focus and concentration are also affected by distraction inside and outside the vehicle.

5. If you have a lingering illness or medical condition, it is wise to ask a family member or trusted friend to drive you to work or home. Such physical or mental condition can affect your natural response system.

6. Orient any passenger or occupant about your priority on safety. Thus, inform them on the proper behavior, action, or movement inside the vehicle.

Impaired driving is a negligent act that has serious penalties under California law. The court will order the careless driver to pay for the medical expenses as well as other losses of the victim.

If you are injured caused by impaired driving, you may need to provide evidence of the negligent act. This can be photos, video footage, or objects related to the violation. You can also seek the help of the police officer who investigated the accident. The best move is to ask asistance from a Personal Injury Attorney in Los Angeles to help you establish the fault in the impaired driving act.

To know the available legal options regarding your case, consult a Personal Injury Lawyer for more information.