5 easy tricks how to control your forum threads

Lately, it is quite common to stumble upon forum sites or discussion boards all flooded and stormed with ranting and spiteful curses towards this and that. Such instances can hardly be avoided, and chances are that you will get caught in the middle of it primarily because you try to set things down for a bit hoping you could settle down the entire outrage.

Well there’s really nothing wrong about trying to be a hero and restore the forum’s original topic that supposedly to be discussed about. But it surely is better when you can just avoid it. Lots of stuff can be conveyed with discretion but it’s really quite unavoidable that someone will just butt-in and deliberately start a flame and turn things awry. Unfortunately for some, they find it really quite entertaining and start stoking it instead. 

  • Preventing it to happen sure is handy and can only be useful when you know how to spot a potential fire-starter. If someone posts something that is intentionally made to offend you, it’s quite easy if you’ll just ignore it.
  • Planning to create another thread with similar topic can be good too. But if the topic that you’re about to recreate appears to be rather controversial, say it tastefully and as politely as you can as this will deter people from attacking you.
  • If things seem to become out of hand and finding yourself already caught under it, it’s best if you know how to deal with it. You can either just walk away from the computer or do something else viable for a while like having yourself something to eat, or anything else that could divert your thoughts away from it.
  • Transferring to another site that cater relative topic of conversation can be really wise and pretty much easier to do than anything else. 
  • Understanding why people do such childish things--- there can be infinite reasons why they do such a thing; but it’s usually because they think it’s fun insulting people the fact that the people they’re attacking can’t just grab them and give them a good smack square in the face.

Though it’s really sad to think that some people are using the cyber world as their scape-goat; or an outlet to release frustration because they really suck in the real world, but the great part is--- it’s their problem.