When you have mapped out your goals and you're working hard towards them it can be hard not to make frivolous purchases.

An example of this is if you decide you want to become a bodybuilder. You start eating healthy and hitting the gym on a regular basis and working hard lifting weights. You see a big screen TV on sale and you might want to upgrade your current TV. For many people this would be considered a frivolous purchase. The big screen TV might encourage you to stay home watching movies on Netflix as opposed to hitting the gym up to lift some weights.

Maybe you decide you want to become a vlogger and start doing vlogs daily. Instead of buying a new Playstation or Xbox you instead should look at investing in a better webcam, Microphones, portable video camera, or Better video editing software. A new TV and gaming system will only take away from time you instead should invest in filming, editing and uploading your daily vlogs.

If you have a true passion that you are aspiring towards then you need to take any excess dispensable income you have and invest it towards tools & education that will help you accomplish your goals.

HoneyBooBooCredit: Flickr/thefixerIf you enjoy going to the gym and being a bodybuilder but hate doing cardio then you could buy a bicycle instead of a new Xbox and then on your cardio days you could ride your bicycle. This is a smart way to invest your money in yourself so you can reach your goal.

If you want to open up your own business then it may be very helpful to you to invest in some books that will help guide you towards the answers you need to get your own business up and running.

It can be hard not to spend money on items that you see, especially if it’s something on sale on a good deal. I'm not saying that never splurge on something nice for yourself if it's considered a luxury however; it is much better off that the luxury item you purchase can somehow be a tool that you can use daily to help you reach your ultimate goals in life.