Avoid Internet ScamsThere are so many ways to be scammed on the Internet that I wonder how long it will take before we have all been a victim. Most of us are aware of the warnings on many sites concerning check scams that originated outside the United States. This may have been one of the first successful attempts to get money from unsuspecting Internet surfers.

Things You Will Need

You will need the Internet and few minutes of your time to learn how it can happen to anyone.

Step 1

Avoid Internet Scams by not giving personal information. That sounds terribly simple and impossible at the same time. Do you think you must give credit card info when you are ordering online? Your credit card company will offer you a temporary card number to use so that your credit card can't be charged for anything other than what you ordered.

Step 2

Don't use your usual email address. Avoid Internet Scams by creating a temporary account for any email confirmation you may need when shopping online. There are many sites that offer this, and you will find what you need by searching online for temporary email addresses.

Step 3

Do not answer emails about any financial accounts. This is a common scam that tricks many on the Internet. If you think a contact should not be asking for certain information by email, you are right. Many have lost everything by answering a few simple questions they thought were to verify information. Always phone any bank or credit card company when you receive a suspicious email. Banks and credit card companies never ask for information by email, but you should inform them if this does happen to you.

Step 4

Don't join any site that wants your PayPal information until you check their status on the internet. You can also check with PayPal if you suspect a site on the Internet is a scam.

Step 5

Never use a debit card online. Using a credit card gives you the assurance of being able to make an easy claim if you do not receive what you ordered. Remember to use a temporary credit card number! Yes, it is a nuisance, but it is worth the time. A debit card gives a thief easy access to what funds you have. How long will it take your bank to unravel the mess if your checking account is emptied?

Step 6

Don't pay for work at home deals or places to work online. These scams are not only on the Internet, but also in many newspapers. Doesn't it sound odd to you when someone wants you to pay to take surveys or write articles when you know there are thousands of sites that don't charge?
Your life will be turned upside down if you are involved in a scam on the Internet. Take the time to do an online search of anything you are thinking about getting involved in when it comes to work or money. If something is wrong with a site you should be able to find a report in just a few minutes.

Tips & Warnings