The Internet offers us so very much it is really easy to become blindsided and forget that there are also people out there looking to scam and take advantage of you. These people can be lurking around anywhere, ready to steal personal information, credit card info and more. While these scams are out there, using a bit of common sense combined with knowledge will ensure that you are not becoming the next online scam victim.

Some of the online offers you should be aware of include:

Free Trial Offers

Get a free trial of product X if you only pay shipping and handling. Usually less than $10, what’s there to lose? Quite a bit, actually. Oftentimes the fine print that you can’t see obligates you to monthly fees that are never allowed to be canceled. Other times these offers result in hundreds of dollars in charge on your credit card before you know it.

Your Computer is Infected!

If a huge block window suddenly pops up in your window saying a virus has been detected or that your computer Is infected, it is a virus! This Is a hard one because it looks authentic.  But, as soon as you click the link you’ve installed malware onto your system.   Close your computer and check directly with your anti-virus if you are concerned that you have a virus.

You’ve Won

You get an email that says you’ve won $15,000 in a recent ABC prize drawing; you don’t even remember entering the contest. Kindly send your name, address, date of birth, social security number and bank account information for your prize. It looks official; but it’s not. This is one of the most common ways scammers are stealing personal information.

Wire Money

Wiring money to someone that you know is never a good idea. Several different scams involving wiring money are out there, from rental homes to items you find being sold online. This is a scam that you could pay dearly for, so avoid it and the troubles at all costs.

Keep in Mind

  • If it sounds too good to be true that’s because it is: Don’t allow those offers to get you into trouble.
  • Do business only with websites that you are familiar and comfortable with.
  • Install an anti-virus on your computer as well as a site blocker that will deter any harmful content to your computer.