Tips on Productivity

procrastinate-to-do-check-listCredit: john.schultz on flickr

1.  Write Out Your Goals

Plan out the many things that you wan to achieve.  Some things are easier to see and manage when they are written out, rather than having everything out in a word processor electronically.  When your goals are written down on paper, you will be able to categorize the importance of each tasks/objective you've written out.


One suggestion is to make a checklist of the things that you want to achieve and complete that day.  Write out your objectives on a piece of paper the night before so that you can work trough it a little bit in your mind before you go to sleep.  This will help you out because you won't have to worry about scattering about in the morning, wondering what you're going to do for that day?


procrastinate-checking-emailCredit: rscottjones on flickr

2.  Stop Checking Your Email

Chances are that whatever it is in your not that important.  People usually tend to get messages from others at certain times within the day.  Try to pick two times throughout the day that you will check your email so that you're not distracting yourself by staring at your screen waiting for email responses and updates.


When responding to your emails, try to stay organized.  Create Folders in your inbox, and make a habit of clearing out your inbox ENTIRELY each time you go in it.  You can store all the read mail in a folder, and place the mail you might want to go back to in another.  I find that even with myself, if I don't respond immediately after reading the email, I'll procrastinate and put it off for a while, or a long time.

procrastination-getting-startedCredit: jakeandlindsay on flickr


3.  Just Get Started

The hardest thing to do is getting started.  Start NOW whatever it is you're trying to do so that you can begin to build a momentum of what it is you want to do.  It gets easier as time goes on.


4.  STOP Making Excuses

Lots of people create busy work for themselves.  A lot of people distract themselves doing busy work, thinking that they are doing something productive, but in actuality they're wasting time.  People distract themselves by reading too much emails.  Browsing the internet endlessly does not help at all, and the same goes with watching television.  Remember there's NO ONE stopping you.


I implore you to take action and get the things you need done NOW, instead of waiting for tomorrow, or when you think the time will be right.  Remember, it's better sooner than later.  You'll be happy and less stressed out when you find you have lots of spare time.


Thank you for reading, and feel free to leave comment, suggestions, and other resource you've found useful that could help others.