When using SEO (search engine optimization) you are trying to get the most traffic as possible to your website.

Start out new and fresh and above all else positive for 2011. You will succeed with driving traffic to your website or blog and you will achieve high rankings on the search engine.

Use these tips to help you accomplish just that. Everyone builds a website or blog in the end to make money. Of course you may want to express information with friends and colleagues but what is wrong with trying to make a couple of bucks also?

Don’t include the word Home in a homepage unless you absolutely have to. This is not a great word for the search engines; in fact it can be one of the worst. Select a name that is as precise and detailed as possible for the traffic you would like to attract. Of course you can put a catchy phrase or two to add a little spark to make people take that second look at your information.

Using the term click here doesn’t help with getting those SEO numbers where you want them to be either. The term “click here” doesn’t provide the search engines enough information to let the engines know what the “click here” material may be. Use something similar to “want a brand new used car? Click here”.

SEO is an ongoing process. Changing and evolving continually. Which means that you need to stay ahead of the game or at least keep up with it. Watch your site with the tools available on the web. Google has tools that are wonderful for this purpose. The analytical and webmaster tools allow you to track what is going on with your site. What content is working and what content isn’t. For example, you may have more page views on Saturday December 17th than any other day in the month. What content did you post? What content did you post on the days with the least amount of visitors? What content received the most comments? Where they positive or negative? All of this information should be gathered, studied and analyzed before going forward with work on your site. It allows you to enable enriched content and changes to postings that you may have planned. By analyzing all of this information you are able to get the most out of your site and provide the most to your visitors and followers.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will the perfect website. Continue tweaking and working with it and you will be generally astonished at what can be accomplished. Add pages, delete pages, add advertisements, feeds and work with it using information and resources that are available. Get the correct combination but one where your efforts will pay off for what you are hoping to achieve. Be proud of the work you have put into your project. Don’t settle for mediocre.