Haven't we all dreamed at one time or another about how we can get rich quick with little to no effort or knowledge? Haven't most of us parents wished that we could find some sort of means for making money while being at home with our children and avoiding the rat race? I'll bet that for those of you who have experience working directly with other people (or perhaps even indirectly), most of you have wished that you could make that money while avoiding human contact.

Thousands of offers show up every day for people to make money in the comfort of their homes without leaving or even investing a lot of time. Some even boast that you can make money IN YOUR SLEEP! What a dream! Sit around all day, eating bonbons and watching soap operas until you collapse from exhaustion at the end of the day and while you're snoozing away, that's when the money is promised to roll in!

Maybe that claim is true, but in my vast experience looking for a means by which I can work from the comfort of my home, I can say that there are more scams out there than real bonafide opportunities for financial gain that will actually pay off. How can you tell the difference?

First of all, if a company is asking you to make a large investment up front, it is probably a scam or at least more work than it is worth. There are valid companies out there who will require an minimal investment to cover their own expenses of qualifying you for employment, such as background checks or credit checks. But if you are promised that paying $500 for a list of addresses will net you $5,000-$10,000 per month, tread lightly.

Secondly, promises of an outrageous or dream salary of (as above) $5,000 to $10,000 per month are usually far-fetched. If these claims were true, wouldn't we all do it? I certainly would, but alas, after reading all of these claims and researching some of them, I am still working at a full-time job outside of the home. I have, however, come across some real part-time opportunities for online employment that I can do in my spare time in the evenings.

The best advice I can give you? Research, research, research...and when you think you can't do any more? Research! There are hundreds of online forums where business opportunities are discussed and real, honest work-at-home companies are commented on and reviewed by the members of the forum. Just remember that finding lucrative online employment requires a lot of persistence and a positive attitude.

Good luck!