Here is how to avoid unhealthy relationships. For women let him know that we are not going to be intimate until "he put a ring on it." Odds are that he will not stick around for long if he's not trying to marry you.
That is where the problem begins when we have sex too early and then the man gets tired of you because he "Conquered" you.

Men are hunters and if he finds your weakness he will go for that weakness until he can get you into the bed. You don't want a unhealthy soul tie. Let him get to know you as a person first. For male and female make sure that God is the center of their life, that they are accountable to GOD FIRST. If that person does not fear God, then who does he or she fear? If that person answers to no one, watch out! Remember: Men, we are to initiate conversation first to the woman not the other way around. If she approach the male first, she might be needy. For more info go to

Go on double dates, so that way your not so quick to be intimate cause others are around. Bring your potential spouse to your accountabilty partner or mentors. Sometimes others from the outside looking in are able to help us with our decision making. If he or she comes over to your home, make sure you have a curfew for yourself. The later it gets, the weaker you become and then you wake up next to him regretting what you done. Whoever you plan to marry, make sure that they are a finisher. By that i'm saying if he or she starts something make sure they finish it. Whether a degree, paying child support, exercising etc.

If you are serious about this person, get to meet the parents and family members. You will get a sneak preview of what you will be marrying, so pay attention! If you have children and you want to date, don't bring your child around the person you are dating. The child is already dealing with abandonment issues so if your not going to marry him or her, don't bring your child around that person. If so the child will be wondering "Is this my new mom or dad?" Don't confuse the child. We all know that children can be easily attached to friendly people.