Summertime is the best time of the year for many Americans. It's the time for beaches and sun tanning. It's the time we enjoy our lives the most. Getting an olive color or bronze skin is very easy during this time of the year and it can be safe as well as it can be unsafe. Exercising precaution is very crucial to your health when you are exposed to the sun. It wouldn't be smart to compromise your health for a temporary tan. Yes, it can mean life or death so when planning a trip to the beach just make sure you play it safely. Safety measures for sun tanning is quite easy, protect your skin, your eyes and stay hydrated.

There are a few things you need for your skin. A bronzer or tanning spray will make you beautiful but what will protect you is the SPF. They are always found together as one lotion but if you had to chose only one then the sunscreen would be the wisest choice for anyone. This is because without it the sun's short term effects can burn you and its long term effects can kill you. It only takes a minute to apply and touch ups every while. Spf sunscreen lotion will keep your skin from burning and it can also prevent skin cancer. A sunburn can occur to those with fairer more sensitive skin if they are not protected.

Your eyes are also very sensitive to UV rays. Long exposure to extreme sunlight can be damaging to your eyes and vision. This is what sunglasses are made for. Your eyes can still be effected from the sun even if you have close them while sun tanning the entire time because the eyelid is too thin.

Hydration is also very important not only for health reasons but also for better results. Drinking lots of water is one way to moisturize your skin and moisturizing your skin is important for a successful tanning. Without sufficient liquids you will have what they call "rubbery" looking skin.

You can avoid all kinds of skin and eye problems just by taking a few measures. Wear authentic sunglasses, dab on some sunscreen and pack your water bottle, that's all it takes. It will cost you just a little bit of money and a bit of time but well worth saving your life and looking absolutely stunning.